Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Whereabouts & Back to School

We had a good weekend, which was important since it was the last weekend before school started today. Friday night we went to revival at our church then to eat mexican with the family. Saturday, after we woke up to a "little" bit of toilet paper in the yard from a rolling prank, Con relaxed and played then we went to eat with friends and went to the rodeo and took one of Con's best buddies with us. Even though he has his own, Con chose to wear one of his Daddy's old belt buckles. Both of the boys looked so cute, and they knew it (we are in for trouble in a few years).

Connor kept putting off wanting to go get a few things for school that he still needed. He is SO my child. Loves Summer with all of his heart and never wants it to end. Yesterday after a family reunion, we went on a wild goose chase tracking down a certain pair of shoes and finally found them in his size. We also got a new lunch box from PBK since he wants to take his lunch this year. I am not sure if that pattern would have been our first choice since it is gray snakeskin, but that is what happens when you shop last minute. We will fix it right up with some bright orange embroidering.

Connor's lunch (all requested by him) was packed and ready to go, consisting of: peanut butter & marshmallow fluff sandwich (AKA fluffernut), Lay's classic potato chips, oreos, mandarin oranges, and lemonade.

And last but not least, his 3rd grade 1st day of school picture from this morning right before he left:

I hope that all of our friends across CCSD have a safe and successful first day and year! Connor's 3rd grade teacher also taught me, so I know first hand that she is awesome. Feeling thankful!


  1. Oh my goodness, hard to believe school is already starting, I feel like summer just begun! Connor is such a cutie :)

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  2. How cute!! I can't believe it's already August! Time flies.

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  3. Can't believe it's back to school time already! Wish I was still a kid because school supplies are my favorite thing ever :)

  4. He is getting so big! I can't believe that school starts so early there! Mine go back to school on September 4th. I think that the snake skin lunch box is super cute!