Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Tailgating Inspiration

It seems like every outlet of social media is filled with people wishing for Fall time in the south. I could write a million posts about what I love during Fall but one of those things are the easy Saturdays filled with friends and football. Beginning with the usual early games on Saturday mornings of little league football watching Con and ending with Georgia Bulldogs, and Atlanta Falcons - weekends filled with football are fun because it means good food, socializing, and just lots of good times! 

One of our favorite football snacks is Buffalo Chicken Dip. This stuff is delicious (NOT nutritious though). My sister-in-law makes it but just google for the yummy recipe, there are several variations. If you serve this with tostito scoops, it is gone in minutes...I promise! 

Some new tailgating recipes and football fun inspiration....

How cute are these red velvet cakes in a jar for UGA football games?

I must own the sign below...love it! Going to try to make it! 

I love a good poof party, so the table below is awesome but needs to be for bulldogs instead of the hogs.  

What is your favorite food to snack on while watching football during the Fall?


  1. those bean dip cups are sooo cute!!

    new follower :)


    XOXO Bunnie

  2. I cannot even WAIT for the GA game this weekend!! College football is my favorite season of all-- it wouldn't be complete without buffalo chicken dip :)

  3. Oh my these all sound great maybe not good for you but delicious and yes I am super ready for fall

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  4. Mine is pizza and icy cokes and something rich and chocolately for dessert. That apple plater looks tasty and so does the buffalo chicken dip, you've got me sooo hungry!


  5. I love your blog! You seem like such a fun person and so far I've loved reading along! Since I think your blog is so awesome I've nominated you for the Liebster award :)

    Elena @ www.babyridleybump.blogspot.com

  6. yes yes to everything about this post! i love some falcons football and yummy food!

  7. Love everything about this post! I just love tailgating and delicious food!