Monday, July 8, 2013

Random Rambles

First of all, thank the good Lord for letting the sun shine today. Sunny days are something I have been taking for granted, and all of the rain definitely reminded me not to do that anymore. 

Our weekend was a good one. Relaxing and filled with friends, family, and a great church service on Sunday. 

We rode with Erick and Katie to Cartersville while Drew was working and I found the cutest shirt for Connor.

Doesn't Instagram make everyone feel like an artsy fartsy photographer? I took this picture of Connor in Seaside a few weeks ago and loved it in black and white. Dear Coca-Cola Inc., if you need a new ad - I think this should be it ;) 

If you see me often throughout the week, you probably know that I love baseball caps. I wear them constantly. Drew told me a long time ago that he thought I looked cute in them and I am sure he is now regretting that statement ;) Anyway, my favorite hats right now are the 'Cotton Ball Caps' from High Cotton Outfitters. I have a turquoise/mint-ish color that I bought this weekend and a red one that I have had for a while. Super comfortable and cute! And no, I am not being paid to brag on these hats!

Lastly, I am over the moon excited for one of my closest friend's as she welcomed a new baby girl into her little family last week. This baby girl is truly gorgeous and seems to be an angel baby. Congratulations again to my friend! It was so exciting to see how excited the "big sis" was about new baby sis. I can't wait to hold her again!!! 

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