Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yummy Honey Chicken Kabobs

When the weather heats up in Spring & Summer our family loves to grill outside so that the kitchen doesn't get so hot. Plus, we all love the taste of grilled veggies, hamburgers, steaks, chicken, etc. We tend to get stuck in a rut and grill the same things over and over so I tried something new yet still easy last night. I cut up the chicken and vegetables and followed the directions found on this recipe. It was delicious and we will definitely be making it again. I also grilled sweet potatoes and they were pretty decent but weren't my favorite, probably because I put coconut oil on them and not cinnamon, butter, and sugar like I really wanted to ;) What is your favorite meal to grill in the Summer time?


  1. New followere here! Love your blog, so cute :)