Monday, May 13, 2013

Summer SPF Guide

The Summer is right around the corner so I thought I would share my favorite sunscreens and dare I say,  amplifiers (yes I know, I am a bad girl). Our family LIVES at the pool, lake, or beach during the Summer, so we have tried lots of sunscreens. 

1. We all use this on our faces and ears. It protects from sunburns and doesn't have a crazy strong smell.

2. We usually buy the Coppertone Kids SPF sprays in bulk like the package seen below. We go through this stuff! It always protects Connor's skin and even if it is SPF 100, he still gets as brown as a little indian. 

 3. I remember my Mom using this stuff for a very long time, sometimes it can be hard to find, but it is super moisturizing and feels luxurious! However, I know there is little to no protection in this formula with a conservative SPF of 4. 

 4. Drew prefers to wear SPF 10 when he is out until he builds up tolerance for more, we usually buy the kind below and use it all Summer for him and for myself at times. 

5. Last and least in this case, this is the amplifying oil. I can't help it, I know this stuff is not at all what anyone needs on their body when out on the beach, but it smells amazing and makes your skin as soft as butter. I love it...probably due to safety reasons or low demand, it is impossible to find in Georgia. 

So what are your favorite sun products? 

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