Friday, May 3, 2013

My Macaron Experience

Since traveling to NYC (again) and to Paris are on my bucket list, one of the things I want to do in both places is visit this famous place

You know I have posted before about my love for sweets, so after reading about Macaron's in everything from Vogue to cooking blogs, I have been obsessed with wanting to try them. My sister found a place in Roswell that makes them, so we decided to be spontaneous and try them out when we had a little free time recently. We went to Douceur De France French Bakery & Cafe and tried a few different flavors of macarons they were offering that day. Excuse my iPhone pictures, I would have felt a little silly busting out a Canon Rebel to take pictures of these things in front of everyone. 

It has been said that Macarons are the new cupcake and are becoming all the rage in the states. I won't lie, part of the appeal for this was the gorgeous colors that these little delights are. 

Here are the ones Ashley & I tried: The flavors were lemon, caramel, chocolate, and raspberry. We loved them and I will definitely look forward to trying more if I get the chance. 

Look at these beauties that I have seen on Pinterest:

They were slightly chilled and cool when we ate them - I am not sure if this is how they are supposed to be served or not, but they were delicious that way. If anyone reading has ever tried these, did you like them? 

p.s. I am SUPER excited because tomorrow is graduation, woohoo!!!


  1. HOLY COW. My mouth is watering. These look amazing.

  2. I LOVE macarons and am now craving them!! That lemon one looks ahhhhmazzzing!!! :)