Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Five

Today has been pretty intense. I turned in a take-home test this morning in one of my classes and then took a 2.5 hour Biology graduation test that basically made me realize that I had committed a lot of things to short-term memory in classes such as Plant Taxonomy and Invertebrate Zoology...wasn't the greatest feeling in the world, but oh well. Then of course, I kept checking Fox News all day to follow the updates of the suspect that was still at large. As I am typing this, I am hearing that he is finally in custody. God Bless all of the people that made the arrest and surrender possible. This has been such a horrific tragedy and we all need to continue to pray for everyone who was hurt or lost loved ones in this traumatic attack. I will never understand how people could have such evil intentions in their heart. The United States of America needs God's influence over the government and leaders more than ever before.

To change the subject to a lighter matter, I wanted to share 5 of my favorite products with you. I am a a total product junkie. I am always excited to try the latest and greatest in the world of beauty and skincare. 

1. Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Moisturizer: Smells amazing and makes your skin feel silky smooth. Also makes you feel like you're at the beach! 

2. e.l.f. Essential Beauty Book Eye Set: This is a steal of a deal at only $5 and the shadows last for hours without creasing or spreading if you use the primer that comes in the set. I like this better than the infamous "naked palette" by Urban Decay. I have the "Bronze" colors and love them. 

3. Boscia Black Mask: One of the best descriptions I have heard about this mask is it's like a Biore blackhead strip for your entire face. It seriously is BLACK and dries within 15 minutes and peels off really well. You can see the impurities and dirt coming out of your pores. This is a great product. I usually exfoliate really well, wash my face, let it dry, and then I put this mask on once a week or so. 

4. Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment: If you take a look through my purse or any of my bags, you will see that I have tried every lip product on the market, truly. This is by far my favorite. I like the brown tube version of this as well, but the white tube smells better to me. It's a miracle worker, just google it and read all of the rave reviews. Yes the price is steep for a lip balm, but it lasts for a while and it is worth it to not have peeling and cracking lips. 

5. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo: I mainly recommend this for blondes because it is amazingly fabulous at disguising roots and does everything it claims to do. I am obsessed and will panic if I am ever without this. I have tried numerous brands from the cheapest to the most high-end and this smells the best, feels the best, and works the best! 

If you end up buying any of this and loving it, please let me know. I could discuss beauty products all day long. Happy Weekend! 

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