Monday, April 22, 2013

Family lately...

April (and Spring in general) is always a busy time for our family, mix in college graduation and a family wedding and that is the icing on the cake. I wouldn't trade anything for all of the memories being made in our life right now. Katie and I sat back this weekend several times and just cracked up at what fun ages our kids are at. Connor's 8 year old personality always keeps us on our toes and keeps us cracking up...that kid is so witty, totally gets it from his Aunt Ash. Harper is definitely letting her personality shine, and I am proud to say that she is a lot like me. Not sure how this has happened...nurture over nature perhaps!? She is sassy, and I love it! Speaking of family, I forgot to share pictures from Easter on here...I will add those in ;)

Some Easter pictures (better late than never, right?)

Us with my parents at Rock Springs after Easter Service

Harper and Connor hunting eggs (in Gigi's bedroom), an improv from the cold weather.

Trying to snap the grandkids pictures with Gigi and Pa.

Leaving the last stop of the day, Nanny G's. These kids were exhausted! 

I am a firm believer in bright Easter colors, obviously. 

Does anyone else agree that it is so hard to get an 8 year old boy to stop and pose for a picture?!

Connor with Nona and Papa! It's so hard to pull Dad away from talking after church, but we were determined to snap a pic or two this year. 

Us, again :)

The Garrison's - Easter 2013

Connor and Harper - Easter 2013 

This picture cracks me up - it explains so much about our life and the dynamic between all of us. 

Another one of the Garrison kiddos....yes they matched to a "T" and no, we had no idea it would work out that well. Katie and I discussed what colors they were wearing but bought their things from different stores. 

One of my most favorite pictures of these two, ever. 

Connor, Bentley, and Syd. I love these three so very much and when I look at them I am thankful for friends that are considered family. 

Now a few snapshots from the weekend...

Actually, this was from last week...couldn't resist snapping a pic of Connor wearing his ATL Braves shirt that was in his Easter basket. 

Harper has the cutest pony tail, ever. The only 1 year old I know with a pony tail that full and bouncy...I am obsessed. 

Crazy about each other! 

And a little Monday funny...

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