Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TV Tuesday

TV has never been my thing. My sister would watch all kinds of tv when we were little, she loved Nick at Nite (I love Lucy, The Dick van Dyke show, etc.) but I have only ever gotten hooked on a few shows through the years. FRIENDS is my favorite show of all time, but Friday night lights is probably equal in my eyes when I really think about it, and that is a huge deal considering I have seen every episode of Friends at least 20 times, literally. Actually, I think I like FNL better than Friends. I am telling y'all, I am obsessed. If you are a netflix subscriber, do yourself a favor and start this series. It has been off for a few years now and I didn't watch it while it was on, but for some reason a few months back I watched the pilot episode and literally stayed awake all night a few nights because I was so hooked. That's a tad embarrassing to admit. My favorite character by far is Tim Riggins. He is the best looking guy I've ever seen (other than Drew of course). ;)  My favorite part of the show other than "big Tim Riggins" is the relationship between Coach Taylor and his wife. This sounds ridiculous, but I think this is a great example of how marriage works. Life is not a fairytale, but it sure is good at times. Just do yourself a favor and watch this show. Every dynamic and character is great. If you do end up watching it or you are already as big a fan as I am, let me know.

p.s. I think Netflix is free for the first 30 days, and if you get hooked on this show like I did, it won't take even close to 30 days to finish all of the seasons.

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Ball and a Birthday (Weekend Recap)

This weekend was one of the most fun I have had in a long, long time. It was one filled with amazing people and so much laughter. Saturday night we went with Erick and Katie to the Service League Ball and Dancing for the Children event. It was so much fun catching up with people we don't get to see that often as well as knowing money spent will be helping a child in our own Cherokee County. Several people suggested my Dad should be one of the dancers next year - now that would be something to see for sure! My favorite dancer did not win from last night, but she should have! 

Yesterday was my 25th birthday. The weather was so nasty out all day, so we just relaxed at home and then went out for a quick free birthday meal from Provino's. Even though I didn't want a cake this year (I am in a wedding in two weeks), I do think this cake is fab :) 

p.s. Every single thing I do is last minute, I am a habitual procrastinator. I think I might change the name of this blog to "Last Minute Lulu" - I am bound to improve my time management skills, right?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


"Glamazon" is just a word I have used lately to describe celebs when they are dressed to the nines. I am not sure where I picked up this word, but I don't think I made it up all by myself...of course I would like to pretend that I did. Anyway, my favorite glamazons both as of lately and of all time are Kate Hudson and Heidi Klum. I read fashion blogs and magazines on a nightly basis and these ladies almost always get it right, casual and couture!

This is one of my favorite looks of all time and is very recent. Love, love, love. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Family lately...

April (and Spring in general) is always a busy time for our family, mix in college graduation and a family wedding and that is the icing on the cake. I wouldn't trade anything for all of the memories being made in our life right now. Katie and I sat back this weekend several times and just cracked up at what fun ages our kids are at. Connor's 8 year old personality always keeps us on our toes and keeps us cracking up...that kid is so witty, totally gets it from his Aunt Ash. Harper is definitely letting her personality shine, and I am proud to say that she is a lot like me. Not sure how this has happened...nurture over nature perhaps!? She is sassy, and I love it! Speaking of family, I forgot to share pictures from Easter on here...I will add those in ;)

Some Easter pictures (better late than never, right?)

Us with my parents at Rock Springs after Easter Service

Harper and Connor hunting eggs (in Gigi's bedroom), an improv from the cold weather.

Trying to snap the grandkids pictures with Gigi and Pa.

Leaving the last stop of the day, Nanny G's. These kids were exhausted! 

I am a firm believer in bright Easter colors, obviously. 

Does anyone else agree that it is so hard to get an 8 year old boy to stop and pose for a picture?!

Connor with Nona and Papa! It's so hard to pull Dad away from talking after church, but we were determined to snap a pic or two this year. 

Us, again :)

The Garrison's - Easter 2013

Connor and Harper - Easter 2013 

This picture cracks me up - it explains so much about our life and the dynamic between all of us. 

Another one of the Garrison kiddos....yes they matched to a "T" and no, we had no idea it would work out that well. Katie and I discussed what colors they were wearing but bought their things from different stores. 

One of my most favorite pictures of these two, ever. 

Connor, Bentley, and Syd. I love these three so very much and when I look at them I am thankful for friends that are considered family. 

Now a few snapshots from the weekend...

Actually, this was from last week...couldn't resist snapping a pic of Connor wearing his ATL Braves shirt that was in his Easter basket. 

Harper has the cutest pony tail, ever. The only 1 year old I know with a pony tail that full and bouncy...I am obsessed. 

Crazy about each other! 

And a little Monday funny...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Five

Today has been pretty intense. I turned in a take-home test this morning in one of my classes and then took a 2.5 hour Biology graduation test that basically made me realize that I had committed a lot of things to short-term memory in classes such as Plant Taxonomy and Invertebrate Zoology...wasn't the greatest feeling in the world, but oh well. Then of course, I kept checking Fox News all day to follow the updates of the suspect that was still at large. As I am typing this, I am hearing that he is finally in custody. God Bless all of the people that made the arrest and surrender possible. This has been such a horrific tragedy and we all need to continue to pray for everyone who was hurt or lost loved ones in this traumatic attack. I will never understand how people could have such evil intentions in their heart. The United States of America needs God's influence over the government and leaders more than ever before.

To change the subject to a lighter matter, I wanted to share 5 of my favorite products with you. I am a a total product junkie. I am always excited to try the latest and greatest in the world of beauty and skincare. 

1. Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Moisturizer: Smells amazing and makes your skin feel silky smooth. Also makes you feel like you're at the beach! 

2. e.l.f. Essential Beauty Book Eye Set: This is a steal of a deal at only $5 and the shadows last for hours without creasing or spreading if you use the primer that comes in the set. I like this better than the infamous "naked palette" by Urban Decay. I have the "Bronze" colors and love them. 

3. Boscia Black Mask: One of the best descriptions I have heard about this mask is it's like a Biore blackhead strip for your entire face. It seriously is BLACK and dries within 15 minutes and peels off really well. You can see the impurities and dirt coming out of your pores. This is a great product. I usually exfoliate really well, wash my face, let it dry, and then I put this mask on once a week or so. 

4. Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment: If you take a look through my purse or any of my bags, you will see that I have tried every lip product on the market, truly. This is by far my favorite. I like the brown tube version of this as well, but the white tube smells better to me. It's a miracle worker, just google it and read all of the rave reviews. Yes the price is steep for a lip balm, but it lasts for a while and it is worth it to not have peeling and cracking lips. 

5. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo: I mainly recommend this for blondes because it is amazingly fabulous at disguising roots and does everything it claims to do. I am obsessed and will panic if I am ever without this. I have tried numerous brands from the cheapest to the most high-end and this smells the best, feels the best, and works the best! 

If you end up buying any of this and loving it, please let me know. I could discuss beauty products all day long. Happy Weekend! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jason & Luke at Sanford Stadium

Last Friday I started texting everyone I knew and posting on facebook trying to find tickets to see Jason Aldean, Luke Byan, Jake Owen, and Thomas Rhett in Athens, GA. I ended up getting very lucky and finding out about someone selling their tickets for face value at a great deal. Drew and I went Friday night and picked the tickets up and then rode with Andy and Connie and Drew's Aunt & Uncle on Saturday to Athens. It was a great time, I didn't stop dancing the entire night! Luke was the best part of the show, but we really enjoyed the whole thing. The last time these two boys were in concert together (I think a year ago), we missed out on tickets and were sick about it - so glad we didn't miss out on this one! These two Georgia boys ROCKED Sanford Stadium, home of the GA Bulldogs!

Two songs from the concert that I loved and listen to on repeat since the concert are: "Crash My Party" - Luke Bryan and "Night Train" - Jason Aldean 

In other news, Connor enjoyed Spring Break - we both wish we could have been at the beach ;) The next few weeks are BUSY for us all, I am finally graduating! I nearly have enough classes for two degrees, but regardless, I am ecstatic to be graduating with a bachelor's degree in Biology. Drew had a little accident exactly a week ago while showing Con how to putt at the golf course...Con swung too hard and Drew had to get 6 stitches in his eye but all is well now...never, ever a dull moment with us.