Monday, November 4, 2013

50 Days

After I wrote a "confession" status on Facebook that I was listening to Christmas music on Pandora, someone posted and told me today marked exactly 50 days until Christmas day. Does that excite you or panic you? It's truly the most wonderful time of the year. Am I CrAzY for admitting these thoughts out loud at the beginning of November? I am working on a Christmas season 2013 bucket list!  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Tailgating Inspiration

It seems like every outlet of social media is filled with people wishing for Fall time in the south. I could write a million posts about what I love during Fall but one of those things are the easy Saturdays filled with friends and football. Beginning with the usual early games on Saturday mornings of little league football watching Con and ending with Georgia Bulldogs, and Atlanta Falcons - weekends filled with football are fun because it means good food, socializing, and just lots of good times! 

One of our favorite football snacks is Buffalo Chicken Dip. This stuff is delicious (NOT nutritious though). My sister-in-law makes it but just google for the yummy recipe, there are several variations. If you serve this with tostito scoops, it is gone in minutes...I promise! 

Some new tailgating recipes and football fun inspiration....

How cute are these red velvet cakes in a jar for UGA football games?

I must own the sign it! Going to try to make it! 

I love a good poof party, so the table below is awesome but needs to be for bulldogs instead of the hogs.  

What is your favorite food to snack on while watching football during the Fall?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Whereabouts & Back to School

We had a good weekend, which was important since it was the last weekend before school started today. Friday night we went to revival at our church then to eat mexican with the family. Saturday, after we woke up to a "little" bit of toilet paper in the yard from a rolling prank, Con relaxed and played then we went to eat with friends and went to the rodeo and took one of Con's best buddies with us. Even though he has his own, Con chose to wear one of his Daddy's old belt buckles. Both of the boys looked so cute, and they knew it (we are in for trouble in a few years).

Connor kept putting off wanting to go get a few things for school that he still needed. He is SO my child. Loves Summer with all of his heart and never wants it to end. Yesterday after a family reunion, we went on a wild goose chase tracking down a certain pair of shoes and finally found them in his size. We also got a new lunch box from PBK since he wants to take his lunch this year. I am not sure if that pattern would have been our first choice since it is gray snakeskin, but that is what happens when you shop last minute. We will fix it right up with some bright orange embroidering.

Connor's lunch (all requested by him) was packed and ready to go, consisting of: peanut butter & marshmallow fluff sandwich (AKA fluffernut), Lay's classic potato chips, oreos, mandarin oranges, and lemonade.

And last but not least, his 3rd grade 1st day of school picture from this morning right before he left:

I hope that all of our friends across CCSD have a safe and successful first day and year! Connor's 3rd grade teacher also taught me, so I know first hand that she is awesome. Feeling thankful!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Keurig Concoction

I love coffee, particularly Starbucks lattes. I also love coffee from the Keurig, I have had one for a few years. It took a lot of trial and error k-cups but I think my favorite is Tully's House Blend (I also like Tully's Hawaiian Blend). Randomly, I concocted the perfect creamy cup of coffee. Warning: my directions and measurements are very unprofessional :) 

- In a coffee cup, put 2 to 3 tablespoons of sweetened and condensed milk in the bottom.
-Next add 1/2 to 2/3 of a teaspoon of vanilla extract.
-Lastly, add 1 teaspoon of sugar and stir all ingredients together. 
-Use your favorite coffee and pour over the creamy mixture then stir really well. 

If anyone tries this and likes it, let me know! 

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Today was a day where I continually felt God's blessings all day and was reminded over and over about the wonderful things I've experienced lately. Blogging about light-hearted things like fun Pinterest finds or pictures of Summer memories is fun and all but that's not what matters most in life. There are several reasons I've had the overwhelming thankfulness in my heart lately and just wanted to share, after all of the negative things that easily can cloud our mind, it feels good to focus on what the good Lord has given us.

*Started out this morning by seeing my cousin get baptized. This is the same cousin who lost his little girl a few months ago that I posted about here. As I watched him get baptized this morning, tears of joy ran down my face just knowing that his baptism symbolized his salvation and the fact that he will see his little girl one day again for eternity with no more goodbyes or sadness. Praise the Lord for that.

*After the baptizing I had lunch with my aunt, uncle, mom, and little cousin. As we usually do, we shared lots of laughs. Then my aunt, cousins, Mom, and I enjoyed a pool day just relaxing, talking, and of course, more laughing. Extended families that experience the closeness and realness that mine does are few and far in-between, I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

*Connor was over at a friend's house for a few hours during the first part of the day and then they switched gears and came to our house to swim and play. As they went from the pool to inside to eat my Dad's famous sandwiches to back outside playing with monster trucks and excavators, I just felt thankful once again. There are few things better than great friends..whether you are 8 years old or 80 years old. Friends just make life a lot more fun.

*Speaking of friends, I have realized lately what great friends I have. I won't do a personal shout out to each one. Some have been friends of mine for over a decade and some I have just recently gotten close with. But they all mean the world to me and I connect to each one of them in my own little way.

*With revival season going on and seeing a friend saved recently who I have prayed for for a long time, I am feeling revived and very excited about getting back involved in church. I was lucky enough to have been raised in church and it's very important that Drew and I give Connor that same experience. I've had the pleasure of going to lots of great churches through the years since my Dad has helped in countless revivals, but there is honestly no place like home. I love my home church and can't wait to see what God has in store for revival this week and for the years to come.

These are all just a few thoughts I had on my mind and I wanted to share. As blessed as I am feeling, I also have several burdens. What is a burden exactly? It's defined as a "heavy load." Sometimes I get to worrying about things or get upset over things and feel weighed down as if a ton of bricks are on my shoulders. The Lord has proven to me time and time again that he can take care of any burden we have when we turn it all over to him and that's exactly what I am striving to do.

As one of my friends posted on facebook recently, there is always, always something to be thankful for!

p.s. Does anyone read my ramblings? Just wondering ;)


Monday, July 8, 2013

Random Rambles

First of all, thank the good Lord for letting the sun shine today. Sunny days are something I have been taking for granted, and all of the rain definitely reminded me not to do that anymore. 

Our weekend was a good one. Relaxing and filled with friends, family, and a great church service on Sunday. 

We rode with Erick and Katie to Cartersville while Drew was working and I found the cutest shirt for Connor.

Doesn't Instagram make everyone feel like an artsy fartsy photographer? I took this picture of Connor in Seaside a few weeks ago and loved it in black and white. Dear Coca-Cola Inc., if you need a new ad - I think this should be it ;) 

If you see me often throughout the week, you probably know that I love baseball caps. I wear them constantly. Drew told me a long time ago that he thought I looked cute in them and I am sure he is now regretting that statement ;) Anyway, my favorite hats right now are the 'Cotton Ball Caps' from High Cotton Outfitters. I have a turquoise/mint-ish color that I bought this weekend and a red one that I have had for a while. Super comfortable and cute! And no, I am not being paid to brag on these hats!

Lastly, I am over the moon excited for one of my closest friend's as she welcomed a new baby girl into her little family last week. This baby girl is truly gorgeous and seems to be an angel baby. Congratulations again to my friend! It was so exciting to see how excited the "big sis" was about new baby sis. I can't wait to hold her again!!! 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Five

Several blogs I read do a little thing on Friday's called "Friday Five" and talk about five things they are loving. I think I have written posts like this before but can't remember, so here goes nothing.

1. The Connor-Man - this kid is just simply amazing. He has wit that won't quit and good looks for days. I am one blessed girl to be his Momma. We have this thing that we've done since he could talk where I always say "I love you more than..." and Connor responds "anythaaaang!" And then I tell him "you're my...." and he says "compweeeeeety!" Most people do not understand what that last part means, but me and Con do, so that's all that matters. I always tell him he makes my heart complete..therefore he is my "compweety" << get it? I snapped the picture yesterday before he went to stay with Gigi for a few hours while I went to the mall with Katie and Harper. Connor left empty handed but came back with Waffle House leftovers, silly string (multiple cans), and a Fanta orange drink. Thank you for those purchases Gigi ;-)

2. Ray-Ban Aviators: Some things are timeless and classic and worth every penny in my book, and these sunglasses (including other Ray-Ban styles such as wayfarers) fit that description. My mom generously gifted me with these a few years ago and I love them and will probably never own another kind. They are the original, classic fit. Love them. 

3. Cruisers: We went walking/running/bike riding the other night and I rode my sister's pink cruiser that she has had since high school graduation and LOVED it. I felt like a 5 year old again, except this time I am a much better bike rider. Now I want a mint green one!!! Exercising with my family was so much fun, we all moved at our own pace but encouraged each other nonetheless. My Mom loved riding Ashley's cruiser as well, maybe we should just all get one.

4. Grilled yellow squash and zucchini from the garden: Oh my goodness, Drew grills the best squash! All he uses is olive oil, salt, and pepper. I think it's the "grilled taste" that makes these strips of squash so amazing. I could eat it every night! 

5. J. Crew Thistle-print popover: I have been dying for this shirt since I first saw it in stores a few weeks back. I really wanted it for the beach, but I laughed when I saw the $88 price tag. I'll be honest, I had beach picture outfits in mind for the whole family and NEARLY justified purchasing it with a meager 15% off I get from my student i.d. but I held back and prayed it would go on sale. Yesterday I rode to the mall with Katie and told her I just wanted to pop in to see if it was on sale, and it was! It was marked down already and then I got an additional 45% off so it was around $32...yay yay yay!!! 

So that's it...there's my "friday five" -- Happy Weekend Y'all! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Beach ReCap Part 1

We went to the beach already for our Summer vacation and got lots of sun, enjoyed the clear ocean on the gulf of Mexico in PCB and lots of delicious seafood. I wish I could live at the beach 1/2 of the year...or at least for the entire Summer. Truly, I love it so much...already trying to figure out a way to get back to the gulf of Mexico. 

After going to a beautiful wedding (can't go wrong with a beach wedding it seems), we tried to snap some pictures to put in my Mom's new office when she goes back to work. My hair was crazy messy and Connor wanted to run and play with his cousins instead of stand still for pictures, but we did get a few. 

Connor loves his Johnny...he's a close friend of our family's that is like another Grandpa or Uncle to Connor. One of the many people that love our child so very much...we are lucky! 

Found these plaid shorts at the Crewcuts outlet in Destin for a steal. 

I had some major sweaty hair going on after sitting at the wedding, my sister-in-law was wearing her cute monogrammed necklace we gave her for her birthday...I want one of my own! 

Tried to get a family picture...everyone was hot, sweaty, hungry and trying to get the kids to smile and stay still..gotta love group pictures! 

Harper was carrying two buckets to get ready to go to the beach...she might be a teensy bit high maintenance like Lulu..oops! 

Drew, Lee, and Erick posing for me on after the wedding...all looking spiffy. Look at Erick's gingham pants from Vineyard Vines, he loves them..gingham overload! 

Connor was also representing VV by sporting his orange hat one day while out on the beach with some navy, turquoise, and orange swimming trunks that I bought last year at Nordstrom. He looked so grown up and so cute yet still let Harper give him some smooches! 

Per usual, my favorite meal in Florida was Boondocks. I had fried grouper, cheese grits, cole slaw, and hush puppies. It was heavenly! 

More pictures coming soon...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wedding - Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Weddings are a topic that can keep girls talking for hours and hours. With the endless options and vast wedding industry available today, it is so overwhelming to plan the wedding of your dreams. My wedding day was beautiful but definitely planned in a short amount of time. My sister always says that God intended it to be that way because I would have given the term "bridezilla" a whole new meaning ;) My Mom and Mother-in-Law held my hand through the process as I moved from task to task such as picking out flowers, bridesmaid dresses, wedding dress, etc. I am nothing if not honest, so I will say that the world of Pinterest has left me feeling like I wish I could re-do every single thing in my wedding...I know that sounds bratty, and I don't mean for it to. Let me say, the day was perfection and I am thankful for every person who shared the day with us. I am even more thankful that Drew and I will be celebrating our NINTH wedding anniversary in a few weeks (that's what really matters)!!! I wouldn't trade a thing about the day but it is fun to think about what I would choose right now if I were planning a wedding. I love all of the images below and they would definitely be my inspiration if I were planning a wedding all over again. One thing I would for sure change is the flowers, I so wish I had gone with a bouquet of peonies for at least myself, I just can't get enough of that flower!