Saturday, July 14, 2012


If you know me well, you know that I am the most random person ever. I have a tendency to jump from thoughts "A" to "B" in less than a second without any warning. I believe that is called ADD or ADHD...oops. You might want to stop reading this blog post now if that sort of thing annoys you because, it is bound to be super random!

*Do you all ever think you have lost something so important and then randomly find it a few months later? This happened with my Canon Rebel battery charger. I lost it sometime after Harper was born and my grandparents anniversary party and had no clue where it was. One day I was going to Best Buy to purchase a new battery charger (for around $50 or more) and found my charger in the console of my parents' tahoe! I was so happy to have found it and finally upload pics from the anniversary party and to be able to use my camera again.

*My Nanny & Papa celebrated 50 years of marriage this year, what an accomplishment. I love the two of them more than I could ever describe. You could say a lot of good things about both of them, but I think anyone that knows them would tell you just how much they love their family. They are the best!

*A few months ago Gigi treated Connor to a trip to the brand new "LEGOLAND" at Phipps Plaza in Buckhead. Getting the tickets ahead of time was kind of tricky at first while we tried to do it online, so Gigi drove down to Phipps to get tickets the day before we were supposed to go to ensure Connor would get to go during his school break. Legoland was a lot of fun! One of the rides was broken though :( However, the 3D movie was a lot of fun! Connor loved studying the diagrams of Turner Field and the city of Atlanta and many other local attractions that had been lego-fied very closely. 

*For the past couple of years I have been painting my own nails and toes a lot more often than I used to. I have also been loving venturing out with different colors. However, I LOVE a good nude polish. My sister makes fun of me and asks what the point of nude nail polish is but I don't care, I love it and definitely think it is classic rather than trendy - but what do I know? ;) Oh, and do you like how I went from Legos to nail colors in a split second? Told ya - I am random!

*Every now and then I will find an app that I absolutely love and recently, it was "Spotify" - if you like music and have an iPhone or iPod, you need this app. 

Ok, I think I am finished with the random rambling....

Happy Weekend! 

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