Thursday, July 5, 2012

Brought to You Courtesy of The Red, White, and Blue

We had a low-key but fun 4th yesterday. Connor and I went to the pool with Gigi and Pa and then went to a cookout at the lake where Drew met us when he got off of work. The weather was pretty all day with just a minor shower in the evening. Connor played in the pool and then even in the lake (ew, I know) all day. When we left the campground, we asked Connor if he wanted to go watch fireworks in Canton and he mustered up a tired response of "I don't care." Since we were being 3 sleepy heads, we headed home. Because my big camera is out of commission right now and I didn't even snap any pics on my iPhone, I will share some of my favorite red, white, and blue images with you.

Last but not least, how fabulous is the picture below of Nancy and Ronald? Love, love, love. 

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