Friday, June 15, 2012

Baseball 2012

Connor's baseball season was "interesting" this season to say the least. If you remember my post from last year, then you know that this season had big shoes to fill. I won't do a lot of baseball bashing on the blog, but lets just say "you win some you lose some" took on a whole new meaning to us :) We made it through the season with our sanity intact (barely) and chalked it up as a lesson-learning experience.

However, I will brag on Connor for a minute, because his hitting improved a lot, his fielding improved a lot, and he did everything we asked him to at practices and during games. One game was particularly special, because Connor hit 2 homeruns, technically just 1 because of some wonky base running from another player, but for fun we will say 2! Of course, he got the game ball a couple of times during the season, but he certainly earned it during that game!

Needless to say, Nona and Gigi hooked him up with some $$$$ for his hits and accomplishments at every game, what a life! ;) 

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