Friday, June 15, 2012

Baseball 2012

Connor's baseball season was "interesting" this season to say the least. If you remember my post from last year, then you know that this season had big shoes to fill. I won't do a lot of baseball bashing on the blog, but lets just say "you win some you lose some" took on a whole new meaning to us :) We made it through the season with our sanity intact (barely) and chalked it up as a lesson-learning experience.

However, I will brag on Connor for a minute, because his hitting improved a lot, his fielding improved a lot, and he did everything we asked him to at practices and during games. One game was particularly special, because Connor hit 2 homeruns, technically just 1 because of some wonky base running from another player, but for fun we will say 2! Of course, he got the game ball a couple of times during the season, but he certainly earned it during that game!

Needless to say, Nona and Gigi hooked him up with some $$$$ for his hits and accomplishments at every game, what a life! ;) 

Harper Kathleen

Hi strangers!  Not sure if anyone even checks in on this blog anymore, you all probably gave up a long time ago! To say a LOT has happened since the last time I blogged in November would be a huge understatement. Maybe one of the most exciting things to happen to us in a long time was the arrival of our sweet bundle of joy niece, Harper Kathleen Garrison! Drew, Connor, and myself are all absolutely smitten with her. She is the most gorgeous baby girl I have ever laid eyes on, and I am pretty sure everyone else that sees her says the same thing, so that is not just Aunt LuLu partiality talking! I have an embarrassing amount of pictures of little miss priss on my phone, but I will share some of my favorite memories with her already!

Harper is getting ready to leave the hospital, and when I received this text, I squealed out loud - what a doll baby! 

The next picture is of Harper and Aunt LuLu - hehe, I am hoping "lulu" is her first word! This was taken on my birthday, what an adorable gift! 

Definitely a favorite picture of mine! Uncle Drew loves her to pieces! Trust me, he never minds stealing her away from anyone who is holding her! 

I have been so proud of Connor for being such a good big cousin. He loves her with all of his heart and has already said "Harper doesn't need to have boyfriends!" haha! Every single day Connor asks me "What is Harper doing today?" And yesterday when I told him that she had to get her vaccinations, I thought he was going to cry!

I am really proud of Erick and Katie for being such great parents. Harper has just joined our lives and let us all embrace and love her with all of our hearts and this is many thanks to her Mommy & Daddy. We were eating out one night and Harper started to get a bit fussy, after her Mommy was sure she had a full belly and dry diaper, Aunt Lulu bounced her to sleep ;) (with no complaints as you could imagine)!

Before Connor's baseball game one night, we swung by to let him hold Harper for the first time! You can tell he was amazed by her tiny size!

Lastly, Katie and I had these pictures taken for Mother's Day gift to Gigi and our Mom's. One of the sweetest pictures, ever! Thanks so much to Victoria Lee Photography!!!

We are very fortunate to be so close to Erick, Katie, and Harper. There's no doubt in my mind that one of God's greatest blessings to us is FAMILY. We love ALL of our family and are so thankful for them. We cherish the sweet memories we are making and look forward to many more!! Ok enough with the sap sap stuff! Have a great weekend!!!!