Thursday, August 4, 2011

Change, change, change....

Change, it is a coming. Even though we have probably argued every single day of our lives, and we have probably almost killed each other, my sissy is my best friend. She truly knows every single thing about me, and she still loves me. I am the same way with her. I have cried a lot, mostly when I am by myself, about Ash leaving. However, I am truly so happy for her and more than that, so proud of her. This isn't the last post about Ash going to college, so you might just want to skip over the long sappy one I will write in a few days (or weeks). 

Just in this one little picture (from Tybee Island/Savannah trip) - I can think of a million memories - ash making fun of my nail polish color, not being satisfied with the curl job she did on my hair (hence, the pony tail), clinging to each other for dear life when we didn't understand things going on around us, and her being my "crutch" yet again. There has never been a dull moment, just ask our Mom and Daddy. 

Now, the point of this whole post was to let you all know that I forced persuaded  Ash to start her own blog. Some big shot will probably find it one day on the world wide web and want her to write a book. We all know just how dang funny she is. Can't wait to read all about your college experience sissy! 


  1. The "unsatisfied curl job" was priceless! That was one of the funniest and most interesting trips I have ever been on. We definitely learned and saw a lot!

  2. Yes, we did! Lots of laughs on the car ride home...we were talking about that today!