Tuesday, August 9, 2011

brown eyed girl

I think I will purchase this picture in an 8x10 and put it on my nightstand! I am not going to know what to do without those big brown eyes in my life everyday. Luckily, Connor inherited Ashley's big brown eyes that I love so much...so that helps ;)

I can't really put into words how I feel since my little sissy is leaving tomorrow. I am so proud of Ash. In a world where there is so much than can go "wrong" - Ashley has proven to be such a great kid, and now adult. She has always been wise beyond her years, and because of this, I know she will be just fine on her own. Although I am older, anyone who knows us will tell you that she is my rock. She has been a voice of reason for me many, many times. Even when we were little and I would talk back to my Mom, she would say "just shut up before you make it worse!" -- if only I had heeded her advice more often than not ;)

Even though I have given her a hard time about leaving, I am so proud of her and can't stand the thoughts of her missing out on something her heart desires. She has always supported me, and I will support her as well. I had a big, ugly cry this morning and a long talk with God asking him to keep her safe above all things. On the way home, Connor told me that he would miss Ashley but that "God will watch out for her since we can't." Connor knew just what to say to comfort me, because little did he know, I was in the front seat driving with tears in my eyes thinking about tomorrow. There's a lot more I could say in this post, but the knot in my throat is not so fun right now.

I am sending all of my love with Ashley and thanking God we can facetime every night...how wonderful technology can be!

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  1. This is too much. I love you too Lindsey. You are right as crazy as we are with each other and as mad as we get we are still best friends. I am dreading saying bye to you tomorrow, but just know I'm leaving you with all my wisdom and going off with all your style that you have taught me. Saying goodbye to Drew and Connor was awful but its going to be worse tomorrow. I can't wait to facetime yall each night with new info about college and life it is a changing for yall and it is just gonna keep getting better. You and Drew are such wonderful parents to that little boy I LOVE SO MUCH! I will always know where home is and as crazy as we all are I will miss the fun of it all. Love you!