Friday, August 5, 2011

2 Things I'm Loving

I would always see my sister eating Greek yogurt, but it grossed me out. Even though it looked delicious and creamy, I just couldn't imagine what it would taste like. I finally stopped acting like a child yesterday and tried a bite of hers...which turned into 10 bites. I LOVED it! Sadly, the brand I ate at my parents house had a lot of ingredients since it was from Dannon and it had fructose, so I went to Publix to get another brand that Ash likes, Chobani,  (as pictured above). The vanilla wasn't as vanilla-ish tasting as I wanted it to be. But, I loved the blueberry and the black cherry...yummy!!!

In efforts to stay away from cokes, diet cokes, sprite, etc., I have tried to find something that I can drink in the morning other than plain water. While I do love coffee, I drink it all the time. I feel like my body needs a detox from it before I start living off of it in a few weeks when classes start again. Enter, La Croix (also pictured above). La Croix only has two ingredients: carbonated water and grapefruit juice. It's the perfect fizz-fix that I've been looking for! And, no I didn't just buy the drink because the colors on the box are pretty :)

Do you eat greek yogurt or drink la croix? If so, tell me your favorite kinds!

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  1. I like to eat Greek yogurt with granola and strawberries for breakfast...I think Stoneyfield is one brand I have bought, and I also like the kind with honey in the bottom that you mix together. :)