Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation Recap

I shared a few of my favorite pictures with y'all, but if you're my facebook friend you know there's about 90 more! We had another awesome family vacation and laughed a LOT! Like always, we ate way too much good food and soaked in way too much sun...just the way I like it! One sweet couple from Dad's church sent homemade corn, homemade biscuits, and tenderloin plus some other goodies (bottled coke) with us and it was gone before the 2nd day even ended. Delicious! We also ate at Boondock's twice because Dad loves it, and we discovered a new place to take beach pictures at St. Andrews Park, the sunset picture above is from that was gorgeous. Connor played from sun up until sun down every day on the sand and was in and out of the ocean the whole time. We are SO lucky that he's a beach baby like we are. I have to say, we were very blessed to have such clear water. There was only one day of seaweed, and the rest of the time the water was pristine. Connor also started learning to skim board! We celebrated Dad's 44th birthday in Florida, and I just kept thinking about how I have "young and cool" parents...I am truly not saying that to suck up, they ARE the greatest. Connor is lucky to have young and hip grandparents on both sides, we all know he takes full advantage of that! We didn't stay in the condo of our friends' that we've stayed in for the past 4 years, and let me tell ya...we missed it!!! However, we are so thankful that we were able to go and enjoy a week, it truly is always a great time. Drew and I have grown up going to the white sandy beaches on the gulf coast, specifically Panama City Beach, and I am so happy that Connor enjoys getting to go as well.

On another note, my parents got home on Saturday afternoon from the trip and dove straight into a week of revival. We made it to a few services and enjoyed them all. I kick myself whenever I don't get to church, I missed out on some huge blessings and will definitely be going to more services this week! 

Love to all -

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