Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ready or Not...

....Here we come, first grade! Connor is really excited about the new school year and was even more excited when I told him that his swimming days are far from over...we are in Georgia, folks...we can still squeeze in plenty of pool time during the hot days ahead. Thanks to Gigi for some new tennis shoes and to Nona for lots of new comfortable yet stylish "soft clothes" - we are ready to hit the ground running into the new school year. I have a good feeling about Con's teacher, and I think he is going to learn a lot. I pray that this is a successful and SAFE school year for everyone!

Just a few picture of our kitchen earlier as we were laying out school supplies and deciding which ones were actually on our list...

As you can see from the picture above, we are definitely prepared for snack time! Also, as I was filling out the 57th paper (ha!) from the folder to send back to school, I wanted to write in red on a big piece of paper..."My Mom works at the school, she can tell you any of this info in 1.3 seconds!" - But, I know I have to fill out 100 papers just like everyone else. Ok, maybe it was only 10 papers...but you get the point.

Seriously, God Bless you all who are kicking off the school year tomorrow!

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