Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beginning of Summer = a busy Garrison Family!

 The beginning of our summer has been filled with fun, family, and friends. I am so happy that Summer is here and that we can enjoy some downtime.  The next year of college is going to be the hardest. I will be applying to Pharmacy school all year as well as taking Organic Chemistry and other dreadful enriching classes. Summer time is my favorite time, and I am pretty sure Connor feels the same way. Actually, I know he does...he tells me just about every morning. I haven't posted since Mother's Day, and per usual...I could have blogged something every single day but just haven't. So here are some of the the highlights...

Field Day -
So much fun! We cheered Connor and his classmates on as they did different activities and relays throughout the first part of the day at school.  It was a scorcher outside, and we were all burning up but had lots of fun watching the kids. After field day was over, we went to the hoagie shop to eat lunch with gigi, pa, daddy, and erick!

 Look at those legs in the picture above. As we (me, Nona, GiGi, and Pa) were watching him run we kept talking about what a huge growth spurt Con has taken. Drew and I have talked about lately how we can't wait to see how tall he is. Actually, I can wait! Most days I want to put a rock on his head and enjoy this age -- so, so fun!

 Cooling off with some icee pops. Gotta love it!

 Sweet picture of Con and his best buddy giving high fives.

Next up, Field Trip to the Tellus Museum -
The day after Field Day, Kindergarten took a trip to the Tellus Museum, it was very much a "science" field trip. I felt like the kids actually learned a few things about the stars and the sun and so forth. I am glad Connor's little mind is always curious about how things work and why they are there, but I am also glad he knows the ultimate answer to those questions is because "God put them there!"

The field trip guide asked the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up, some kids raised their hands and said "astronauts, doctors, dentists" and more. When the lady called on Connor he said "a construction worker!!" --- I just about died. Crazy kid!

 Even though 98% of the gift store had dinosaurs, space books, rocks, etc., Connor found the tractors and made a beeline for them! Is anyone shocked?? haha!

Graduation Party for Ashley at the church with other Grads -

Mom and other parents put together memory boards with different honors and memories from high school. It was a sweet gesture for the church to honor the graduates and have lunch for them. Mom's dress was so cute! I love the bow at the top :)

Oops, Dad blinked in this picture! 

Lordy, lordy...Marci is 40! -

Connie threw a big party for Marci at the Wheeler House and it went well. It was a hot Sunday afternoon, but at least the weather was nice. The kids had a blast playing outside with the bubbles and such.

As you can see, the start of our summer has been a busy time, but we've loved every second of it. The other events taking up our life; Kindergarten Graduation, High School Graduation (and a major party), and an AWESOME baseball season deserve their very own posts. I've bombarded you with enough pictures for now.


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  1. I enjoyed being a part of your school fun and at the baseball park! You are growing up way too fast, Connor-man! Drew and Lindsey, we've done a great job with him. Keep the memories coming. Love y'all!!!