Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Big thanks to Nona for taking Connor (aka Justin Bieber) to get a haircut yesterday while I was at work! We think he looks cute with or without the long"ish" hair, but I thought we should clean it up to get ready for the many events of May for the end of school. Can't believe we are approaching the end of Kindergarten! Yesterday Connor said his favorite number was 16 and when I asked why he replied, "you know mommy, that's when I can drive a jacked up truck" -- this was the second time around he had been asked the question for the day and the answer was the exact same both times. Oh my goodness, we might be in trouble! I wish I could freeze time right now, this is such a fun age! 

Yesterday morning after I took Connor to school, I rode with Jill and Bentley to a doctor's appointment and to the mall. I have forgotten what it is like to travel with a newborn and all of the baby gear! I thought I had forgotten how to feed and burp a baby as well, but I had not and successfully did both things yesterday! It was so fun! I have to brag on Bentley for a second, other than getting a little hot in the doctor's office (did NOT have the air on high enough) and getting hungry and a little sleepy every now and then, this baby was PERFECT yesterday! Not only is he absolutely adorable, he's so content and happy. I kept having flashbacks of taking Connor to the mall and strolling him around, even if I didn't buy anything, it was soothing to me! So, he has been a shopper from day 1 - looks like Bentley is going to be the same way. I also told Jill to enjoy these shopping trips when they don't cost her anything. You all know from going on shopping trips with Connor that there's usually a "if you will be good, we will go to _________ and get you a _________!" ha! Anyway, I had a great time with them and am so glad I got to go. Even with two beautiful boys and very grown up lives, Jill and I still definitely have "Romy and Michelle" moments, and it is still fun to laugh about! I kept trying to make him smile big while snapping the pic at the same time. Trust me, he was grinning at aunt lulu all day! ;)

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