Sunday, May 8, 2011

Double Special

Happy Mother's Day! I had a great one thanks to my sweet little guy, my precious husband, and the rest of my family! I am also thankful to say that 12 years ago today when I was 11, I was saved on Mother's Day. So today is double special for me! Love you all!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bieber Fever??

First, I need to preface this blog post by saying that I am pretty sure Con-man has never heard a song by Justin Bieber except for hearing his classmates sing "baby, baby, baby, ooooh!" But, he's a pretty smart cookie and caught onto the fact that all of the girls have caught "Bieber Fever!" Anywho, a few weeks ago while we were at Justin & Amanda's, Connor and Sydney were watching a movie and Connor was looking at himself in the mirror (I was watching them the whole time while Amanda was on the phone with Justin) - They had a little conversation that went something like this:

Connor: "Sydney, do you think I look like Justin Bieber?"
Sydney: "No, you have to do this (shakes her head as if she's swishing the shag to one side) to look like Justin Bieber"
 Connor: (Does the motion Syd just showed him) - "Now do I look like Justin Bieber?"
Sydney: "Yeah!"  

And then they resumed with the rest of their movie-watching! These two are so cute and hilarious together. I thought I would blog about this because Amanda keeps saying "we have to write this down!" 

Connor and Sydney - Easter Sunday 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Big thanks to Nona for taking Connor (aka Justin Bieber) to get a haircut yesterday while I was at work! We think he looks cute with or without the long"ish" hair, but I thought we should clean it up to get ready for the many events of May for the end of school. Can't believe we are approaching the end of Kindergarten! Yesterday Connor said his favorite number was 16 and when I asked why he replied, "you know mommy, that's when I can drive a jacked up truck" -- this was the second time around he had been asked the question for the day and the answer was the exact same both times. Oh my goodness, we might be in trouble! I wish I could freeze time right now, this is such a fun age! 

Yesterday morning after I took Connor to school, I rode with Jill and Bentley to a doctor's appointment and to the mall. I have forgotten what it is like to travel with a newborn and all of the baby gear! I thought I had forgotten how to feed and burp a baby as well, but I had not and successfully did both things yesterday! It was so fun! I have to brag on Bentley for a second, other than getting a little hot in the doctor's office (did NOT have the air on high enough) and getting hungry and a little sleepy every now and then, this baby was PERFECT yesterday! Not only is he absolutely adorable, he's so content and happy. I kept having flashbacks of taking Connor to the mall and strolling him around, even if I didn't buy anything, it was soothing to me! So, he has been a shopper from day 1 - looks like Bentley is going to be the same way. I also told Jill to enjoy these shopping trips when they don't cost her anything. You all know from going on shopping trips with Connor that there's usually a "if you will be good, we will go to _________ and get you a _________!" ha! Anyway, I had a great time with them and am so glad I got to go. Even with two beautiful boys and very grown up lives, Jill and I still definitely have "Romy and Michelle" moments, and it is still fun to laugh about! I kept trying to make him smile big while snapping the pic at the same time. Trust me, he was grinning at aunt lulu all day! ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011

History in the making! (huge post)

  Since this is a "digital scrapbook" in a sense, I think it is important that I summarize the events of this substantial week so when Connor looks back on this, he will realize what happened when he was 6! Last night, Drew and I were watching the Real Houswives of Orange County and I saw on my phone that Obama would be speaking at 10:30 p.m. - this kind of alarmed me at first when thinking about what all has been going on in our world lately. However, after flipping over to Fox news, we soon realized (before Obama spoke) that Osama Bin Laden had been killed by U.S. Forces. It will be hard to convey to Connor just how important this feat was as he will read about it in a history textbook one day just as we all read about previous attacks on the United States. But we all felt the fear and sadness of those attacks and know how absolutely peaceful it is to know that one more monster is no longer living and able to plot against innocent people. Watching the news coverage about all of this is surreal. These are pictures of the celebrations going on in front of the White House and Ground Zero...

I am so thankful for men and women who sacrifice so much, even their own lives, to protect us!
If you are my facebook friend, I am sure you saw my series of status updates stating the following:

"Osama bin Laden is Dead?!?!!? Finally!!!"

"definitely felt more 'safe' during Big Daddy W's speeches, they were more reassuring"

"‎We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail." - President George W. Bush, September 20, 2001


On a different and lighter note, I have a confession: I have been absolutely obsessed with the Royal Wedding and events leading up to it for the past few months. There is so much information on the news, blogs, websites, etc. about the magnificent day but I do want to share some of my favorite images with you all courtesy of

First, the fascinators, I wish this could be the "norm" for American women! How fun would it be to wear one of these hats on Easter or to weddings?!

And now some of my favorite pictures of the couple and the day...

The Queen looks bright in yellow, a great color choice for the day!

How beautiful are the Middleton sisters?! The dress that Kate was wearing is now infamous, but I think we can say the same for Pippa!

As Jill and I were recapping all of our thoughts quickly on Friday before I had to go into work, we both agreed that it was comforting to know that an estimated 3 billion people watched this wedding and heard so many references to God during the ceremony. The whole thing was perfection! Hopefully the media will not badger Kate as they did Diana and the couple will live happily ever after! 

Last but certainly not least, the storms that blew through the South this past week devastated certain communities such as Tuscaloosa. People were killed, lost everything they own, and will have to completely rebuild their lives. Lets remember to keep all of the storm victims who were affected in any way in our prayers. 

Hope you all have a great week! 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Garrison's Lately...

Where do I even start? The last time I updated our blog was more than a month ago, yikes! In a months time, we have:

-had our toes in the water and booty in the sand

-played lots of baseball (even won the game ball)

-made it through some stormy weather

-hunted Easter eggs and enjoyed another beautiful Easter Sunday with our best friends and all of our beautiful children (SO blessed, we are!)

-finished another semester of college (officially a senior)

-repeatedly witnessed answered prayers for our sweet friends going through trials we can't even imagine

-turned 23 (me)

-had some beautiful pictures taken by the talented Victoria Lee Photography

-and lots of other things! 

Now that I am finished with school, I promise to blog more ;) Big hugs to you all!