Sunday, March 27, 2011

Skylar's 4th Birthday Party

Yesterday we went to Skylar's 4th birthday party, and they had a little petting farm set up with lots of cute little animals. Although it was raining and cool, the kids still had a great time at the party! Kealy remained calm, but I probably would have stressed to the max. 
 Connor was so good with all of the animals! I was telling everybody at the party yesterday that he is especially fearless of the animals now because the para-pro in for his K class is always bringing in some kind of baby animal from her farm, so he loves it! 
 My favorite animal was the little bunny Connor is holding above, and when I asked him what his favorite animal was, he replied, "all of 'em!" HAHA!
 That little girl is brave, I can promise you would have never seen me doing that as a child. 
 If you look in the picture above, you can see that Connor put food on the lamb (or sheep) and sat the bunny on top of it. The bunny didn't seem to mind at all! 
 Connor and Sky right before it was time to go inside for cake and presents. 
 After the party, we ended up having a few minutes before having to meet Ashley, Mom, and Dad at her friends house to take prom pics, so we went by Frosty Frog to have a snack. If you have never been there, it really is the perfect place for a little dessert or snack! There was also a "princess party" going on for a little girl in the party room that was SO adorable. The little girls were all wearing tutus and tiaras, and I know the mom of the bday girl must have been so happy to not have to clean up all of the glitter and cake! 
 After we left Frosty Frog and waited in the car at Ashley's friends house, Connor was having too much fun with one of the party favors from Skylar's birthday party! 
Truly, truly,  there is never a dull moment in our little family! 

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