Sunday, March 6, 2011

Busy weekend!

We had a busy but fun weekend, and next week looks like it is going to be the same way. Friday evening we had the baseball parade and froze to death while watching for our little "Mets" to come through! You will never believe this, but somehow I forgot my camera and didn't get any great pictures :( The team mom sent an email out letting everyone know that she didn't get any good pics either, so if someone emails pictures, I will post them on here. The boys looked so cute and were little troopers even though they were freezing!

On Saturday, we had a bridal shower and a 50th birthday party for a dear family friend. I also forgot my camera for that occasion...what was I thinking?! We also ate breakfast at my Nanny's house on Saturday morning...yum yum!  

I know that blog posts without pictures are boring, so I apologize! 

Also, many of you have asked me how Jill and Bentley are doing. They are doing fantastic, and I can't wait to see him again! I am hoping to get to see him one day at the beginning of this week between school and work!

Have a fantastic week!!!

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