Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ashley's Senior Prom - Bittersweet!

True story, yesterday as we turned onto Sugarpike Rd. almost to the house where Ash was meeting her group to take prom pics, "Strawberry Wine" came on the radio. Drew looked at me and started laughing, because there's an infamous story about Ash and that song from when she was little. I kind of smiled, but I almost wanted to cry. I can't believe she went to senior prom last night. Although Ash and I are sometimes known for our bickering with each other, it is only because we know each other better than we know ourselves. I always tell everyone that she is my "crutch" - I lean on her all the time! But, last night is just another reminder that she is quickly becoming an adult and will head off to the big world of college soon...I really, really do not like to think about it, so I just don't. I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it. Anywho, in typical Ashley style, the prom dress story is definitely a dramatic one. The first dress they found and ordered was shipped and delivered and Ash took it to our friends Mom to be altered only to find out that the dress COULDN'T be altered due to beading placement - this was LAST weekend (as in 7 days ago).  So they immediately ordered another dress and found out mid-week that the dress was on backorder!!!! So, Mom & Ash went that day to try and find a dress in Roswell, and she found the dress you see above. It had to be altered, and we all went to pick it up on Friday afternoon. Pictures don't do the dress or Ash justice, she was the prettiest girl there! 

I didn't sleep AT ALL last night since I was coughing and the storms were so bad here, so I text Ash really late and asked how her night went..."It was so fun!" was her response...I sighed with relief....SUCCESS!

Skylar's 4th Birthday Party

Yesterday we went to Skylar's 4th birthday party, and they had a little petting farm set up with lots of cute little animals. Although it was raining and cool, the kids still had a great time at the party! Kealy remained calm, but I probably would have stressed to the max. 
 Connor was so good with all of the animals! I was telling everybody at the party yesterday that he is especially fearless of the animals now because the para-pro in for his K class is always bringing in some kind of baby animal from her farm, so he loves it! 
 My favorite animal was the little bunny Connor is holding above, and when I asked him what his favorite animal was, he replied, "all of 'em!" HAHA!
 That little girl is brave, I can promise you would have never seen me doing that as a child. 
 If you look in the picture above, you can see that Connor put food on the lamb (or sheep) and sat the bunny on top of it. The bunny didn't seem to mind at all! 
 Connor and Sky right before it was time to go inside for cake and presents. 
 After the party, we ended up having a few minutes before having to meet Ashley, Mom, and Dad at her friends house to take prom pics, so we went by Frosty Frog to have a snack. If you have never been there, it really is the perfect place for a little dessert or snack! There was also a "princess party" going on for a little girl in the party room that was SO adorable. The little girls were all wearing tutus and tiaras, and I know the mom of the bday girl must have been so happy to not have to clean up all of the glitter and cake! 
 After we left Frosty Frog and waited in the car at Ashley's friends house, Connor was having too much fun with one of the party favors from Skylar's birthday party! 
Truly, truly,  there is never a dull moment in our little family! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patricks Day

Connor was happy to wear his green shirt this morning and even happier to come home with a gold coin and green necklace from the leprechaun at school. 

I should be honest with you all and let you know that other than wearing green shirts and giggling about leprechauns, Saint Patricks is not a big day around our house. Now Easter on the other know I am already planning our outfits ;) Just sayin'

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is it just me...

or does this week seem to be creeping by at the speed of a snail?! 

Connor has been absolutely worn out this week and can't seem to get caught up on his rest. And, just in case you need proof... 
This is what Con looked like about 5 minutes after leaving my Mom & Dad's house.
I wish I could join him in his little afternoon nap, but I have about 10 things to do for school! 

Don't forget to wear your green tomorrow, we started putting ours on today and then I realized it was only Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baseball, Pearson, and more...

I apologize for not posting pictures of opening weekend for baseball and Connor's first game of the season. It was a blowout. We won our first game 19 to 4, and we won our second game tonight 20 to 5. Connor is doing good and having lots of fun!
All of the game pictures are from Con's first game, but the picture right above this is tonight after the game and dinner at Buffalo's. He is absolutely exhausted. The DST has killed us! I have been so sleepy for the past two days, and Connor has been as well.

All day our thoughts and prayers have been consumed with Pearson, his family, and his medical team. Please, please keep praying for him as he was born this morning and is in critical condition. 

Thanks to everyone who came to the game tonight, it was cold and dreary, and if you weren't able to make it, you picked a good one to miss...we are ready for some brighter and warmer days.  

Love you all!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Heavy Heart

Tonight, my heart is so heavy with worries and burdens for three sweet babies and their mommies and daddy's. Please pray for Pearson McClain and his Mommy and Daddy as Pearson enters the world tomorrow.

Also, please remember these two twin babies as they are continuously fighting to grow and heal from being born so prematurely. The faith of both sets of these parents can't even be put into words.

It is shameful to admit that when we see friends of ours and people we've known our entire lives going through something like this, that is when we realize just how richly we are blessed. 

Thank you Lord for all of your blessings on us and for all of the blessings you've bestowed and will bestow on these sweet families. 

I have been going around singing "It's so peaceful in the arms of my Lord" all day...what a beautiful and true song!!! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Busy weekend!

We had a busy but fun weekend, and next week looks like it is going to be the same way. Friday evening we had the baseball parade and froze to death while watching for our little "Mets" to come through! You will never believe this, but somehow I forgot my camera and didn't get any great pictures :( The team mom sent an email out letting everyone know that she didn't get any good pics either, so if someone emails pictures, I will post them on here. The boys looked so cute and were little troopers even though they were freezing!

On Saturday, we had a bridal shower and a 50th birthday party for a dear family friend. I also forgot my camera for that occasion...what was I thinking?! We also ate breakfast at my Nanny's house on Saturday morning...yum yum!  

I know that blog posts without pictures are boring, so I apologize! 

Also, many of you have asked me how Jill and Bentley are doing. They are doing fantastic, and I can't wait to see him again! I am hoping to get to see him one day at the beginning of this week between school and work!

Have a fantastic week!!!