Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"I had a osm day"

Every night, we try to ask Connor to write one sentence about his day or something he is interested in (tractors, baseball, etc.) - tonight, I asked him to write me a sentence telling me about his day. We never help him with the spelling if he doesn't ask - it's just too fun to see how his little minds think words like "awesome" should be spelled...case in point above (osm=awesome)! Anyway, he asked me to write a sentence, so I wrote a little phrase that I tell him all the time when he says "You are my best Mommy!" So, I say..."You are my best Connor!"

I hope you all have had an "osm" day as well! ;)


  1. Yes, Connor, you are AWESOME! I love to see your little hands holding that pencil. Such a smart boy you are!!! Love you, Gigi

  2. That is so so sweet. His writing is very good!