Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catching up...again!

I always get behind with the blogging thing. It doesn't take long to recap our days when they're fresh on my mind, but there are one thousand other things to do! I am still not sure how Drew, Connor, and myself accumulate so much laundry! It's a never-ending battle.

Let's see, last week Connor attempted to go back to school on Tuesday and stayed until about 10:30. Mrs. A said he continuously put his head down and just wasn't feeling up to being there...this is to be expected after having the flu and strep.

We took him to his pediatrician on Wednesday (where Drew made fun of me for "acting like a patient" and discussing my asthma with Dr. Nalley haha) anyway --- Dr. Nalley said that Connor should be fine to go to school the next day and his lungs sounded fine. So, he had a two-day week at school which makes me wonder how many days of school he has missed in the past 4 weeks including snow and all...kind of scary!

Thursday morning Connor and I got up bright and early to make sure we would make it to "Muffins for Mom" at 7:15 so that I could make it to Reinhardt by 8:00...thank you Lord for not allowing any policemen on any of the back roads I traveled to school that morning, because I was flying!

Then, this weekend Connor had baseball tryouts and did really well. We were so proud of him and can't wait to find out whose team he's on and for the season to start. He was picked in the third round of drafts which is pretty good, so like I said..we were really really proud!

We ended up just staying at home to watch the superbowl. I won't lie here, I didn't watch at all. Tom Brady wasn't playing, so I really wasn't interested. Oh, I also would have watched if the Falcons had played...I guess you can call me a "fair weathered fan!" haha! Con went to bed early on Sunday night, and poor Drew watched the game all by his lonesome while I watched old episodes of Sex and the City on E! 

While the super bowl was on, I did post a status on facebook saying that "there will never be another halftime show as good as the one with aerosmith, britney spears, and n*sync" -- I was talking about this one in the video above. That was the best halftime show, ever...period. 

Lastly, Connor received the "Happy Note" today (for like the 4th time this school year) hehe :) -- he is making me one proud Mommy!!! 

I hope you all are having a fantastic week!

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  1. I'm so glad Connor is feeling better and back to his adorable self! I enjoyed our outing to Target, too. It was fun. We are very proud of you at baseball tryouts. Hurry up and get started playing so Gigi and Pa can come and see you in action! Love to you all! <3