Saturday, January 8, 2011

Will we....

be receiving more of this???
If so, I sure hope it comes on Sunday evening so that Connor and I both get "snow days" out of it. I forgot to blog about this last week when it happened, but Connor got the "Happy Note" on Thursday. This is the second time he has received the happy note this year! :) Nona took him to Target to spend his gift card that afternoon from Johnny, Debbie, and Chessa. Of course, he found something a little over his limit and had to "borrow" some money from Nona - yep, totally my child! haha! 
All week I've been feeling "blah" and waking up with ears hurting and sore throat, so I've doubled up on vitamin C and taken Dayquil quite consistently. By nighttime, I am so sleepy, achy, and ready for bed. Hopefully my body is fighting off whatever I am trying to get. I don't have time to be sick! I did wake up with a cold sore this morning :( 
Enough whining from me - I hope everyone has a great weekend and stays warm, don't forget to get your milk and bread...haha!  

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