Wednesday, January 5, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

These are a few of my favorite things from the past year.

1. L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara - I have tried every mascara including DiorShow, the orange tube by CoverGirl that everyone loves, MAC, Clinique, YSL, Maybelline, and many more. I am telling you, I've tried them all - but I really like this kind. It can be found at Ulta, Target, and even some Kroger stores. 

2. The Lucky Brand boots that I received from "Santa Dawn and Terry" - they literally go with everything, they're SO comfortable, and I absolutely love them. I have a teensy tiny addiction to shoes and particularly boots!

3. My favorite tv show is Gossip Girl. If you have never watched, do yourself a favor and tune in. It's like a new version of 90210 except it's set in NYC.

4. Speaking of NYC, one of my favorite things is the Louis Vuitton handbag that I purchased while in NYC this summer. I love Louis so very much and how it reminds me of NYC every time I look at it.

5. Moroccan Oil seems to be all the rage and has been for a while now. I have the tiny bottle and have used it every day for a month and still have 90% of the bottle left, so there is no telling how long the one bottle will last. It makes my hair feel like silk when I put it on, and it smells great! 


  1. Hi Lindsey! Thanks so much for visiting me and my blog! I love that you have a "Connor" just like mine! We have lots more in common, too---I love Moroccan Oil--(Have you tried the Shampoo? DIVINE!) and those boots you showed here are FAB! I love boots! And I definitely need to try that mascara!! Hope you guys get more snow! We are totally on "snow watch" here right now!!!

  2. Hey! I am going to have to try that mascara and Moroccan Oil. I have super sensitive eyes and rarely can stand to wear mascara so I am always trying different kinds to see if I can find the right one. I am into boots now too, and those are super cute. And, Gossip Girl is on my DVR every week!