Sunday, January 30, 2011

Strep Throat and the Flu :(

I worked at the school for a little bit on Friday and Con's teacher told me that kids were "dropping like flies" in her room and going home sick, and I immediately started stressing...flu season is raging, and we did not get flu shots this year! To be honest, I didn't take Connor to get a flu shot because he literally freaks out from fear of shots. His 5th year checkup and immunization visit was one of the worst days ever, and he still remembers the exact scrubs that the nurse was wearing that gave him his shots...she was just doing her job, but he was so mad! Anyway, needless to say, I didn't bother getting the flu shot for him this year....big mistake! During the middle of the night Friday night, Con was restless and crying. After immediately taking his temp, it came out to be 101.9, so as luck would have it, we were out of tylenol. Thank goodness for Kroger being open 24/7! Drew went and bought tylenol and that soothed Con back to sleep, he had tons of blankies on him and slept with me (although I didn't sleep because I was so scared his temp wouldn't stay down). So, we finally made it to urgent care around lunchtime on Saturday and Connor tested positive for Strep throat and the Flu. The doctor said he was a very sick little guy and would need 2 shots. He was honestly so lethargic and sleepy that he didn't notice the doc whispering that to me. However, when they stuck those two shots in his booty, he started hysterically crying AND I started crying. It was so pitiful! He got so mad that his neck looked like this last night...

No, this is not a reaction from the shot, it is a result of him being so upset at the doctors office. This has only happened one time before (when we had a HORRIBLE experience at a pediatric dentists office) before we found the best pediatric dentist around, so I know it isn't a rash of any kind.

My Mommy-mind was racing 1,000 miles a minute the night before last because I had never seen him so sick in 6 years. Even though I felt so bad he had to have 2 shots (one that was really bad) - I am so thankful, because they've knocked the strep completely out so now he is just resting and trying to get over the flu.
As I put on facebook, WASH YOUR HANDS constantly!!! 
Stay well, and enjoy this sunshine!


  1. Your poor baby!!! Hope he is feeling better soon! Thanks for your sweet comment! We can soooo lose weight!!!! I started back on WW and started running again and I've already lost 5 pounds. woohoo!!! Your family is adorbs!!!!!!

  2. I'm so sad that Con is so sick. I'm glad they gave him something to help him feel better, even though he wasn't happy. I just hope you and Drew stay well! Get better Connor!!! Gigi loves you all.