Monday, January 3, 2011


Last year, I didn't make any resolutions. I kept thinking about them and how usually my resolutions are very cliche and are to "eat healthier, lose weight, drink more water, blah blah blah." Yesterday at church, Dad preached a great message! He talked about resolutions, compelling others to come to church, and a lot more. When I tell people about church services that I've enjoyed, I find myself saying "you just had to be there" -- which is so true. I've been on the other end of that as well and have missed seeing loved ones getting saved or other great sermons because of laziness and not going to church, and I always feel regret - obviously, it is best to attend church as much as possible. Back to the resolution thing, I decided to make not only one but a few this year. To be very honest, 2010 was a hard year for us. We had a few "come to Jesus" meetings and realizations as we like to call them and know that we need to make some changes in our life in order to move forward. Moving forward was also another huge part of Dad's message yesterday. Moving forward and leaving things behind seems like such a simple thing to do, but we all know it is easier said than done. I hesitate in saying our past year was hard, because compared to what some of our loved ones and friends deal with regarding sickness and such, our year was fantastic. But, I believe we all face our own troubles, and the good Lord cares about all of them and can help us in all of them. I was listening to this financial planner man talk on tv the other day about how we like pray "Lord, I've been stupid, please help me to get out of this mess I've made for myself" and we pray that prayer over and over but don't actually do anything or put forth any action to clean up the messes we've made. So, my #1 New Years Resolution is to leave regrets and mistakes in the past, and start doing something to move forward and have the best year I can possibly have. This includes a lot of small things such as spending far less money and saving far more, trying to make healthier decisions about what foods I eat, exercising more, and yes drinking more water ;) I really don't drink enough. I'm also going to read the bible more, make more of an effort to be in church every single Sunday, take Connor to Sunday school -- all of these things fall under the "moving forward and doing something" category. On that note, I am going to finish taking down the Christmas stuff and make a grocery list.
Have a good week!

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