Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fingers Crossed...

I am crossing my fingers, hoping, and PRAYING that....

....Connor recovers asap from the little stomach bug that he started being sick with last night. As luck  would have it, school was canceled today due to the crazy weather we had late last night.

....All of the people involved in the many wrecks and accidents last night are safe and that nobody suffered any major damage.

....We all stay well for the Christmas things we have going on. None of us have time to get sick!

....the Christmas Cards I ordered from Shutterfly get here asap. Since I received 50 cards for free, I bit the bullet and paid more than I would have liked to for shipping. I also ordered 1/2 of the cards with one pic and 1/2 of the cards with another pic so I hope the order arrives with the cards processed correctly. Just talked to customer service, and my cards are supposed to be here tomorrow. Like I said, fingers crossed!

....that somehow Drew and I will finish the Christmas shopping we need to do!

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