Friday, December 3, 2010

Connor's 6th Birthday

Connor turned 6 a few weeks ago (obviously a little behind with this post) - and he had a good time at the bounce house with a few of his buddies. He was very excited about the scooter, john deere equipment, moon sand, legos, and all of the other great gifts he received! As usual, he cracked us up when opening the gifts! He literally couldn't wait to tear into the scooter from gigi and pa as it was peaking out of the wrapping a bit (glad I didn't have to wrap that)! And, when he opened up the feller-buncher from Nona, Papa, and Ashley he said "sweet mama, I've waited all summer for this!" -- hahaha!

Every time we celebrate another birthday, it's literally unbelievable to think about how our precious preemie Connor is now a growing, long-legged,  adventurous, and still adorable little boy. 

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  1. I hope your 6th birthday was a great one. We had a good time at your party. You are growing up way too fast! Gigi loves you very much. Many, many more to come.