Monday, December 6, 2010

5 "little" Tidbits

1. I went into work this morning and gave them my two week notice and a "formal" resignation letter. It doesn't really seem necessary since I don't think my job was all that important, but it was what I was supposed to do, so I did it. I immediately felt relieved, and I know God will provide another job for me. Next semester (this sounds far off but it's actually the beginning of January) I will be going to school FIVE days a week. Five days filled with more chemistry, zoology, and more fun stuff! This leads me to my next thought...

2. School has been stressful and busy this semester, and I've certainly had to study a lot. But, I absolutely love the school I attend. I love that the professors are Christians and aren't afraid to say so, I love that although they're kind of quirky they still want what is best for their students, and I love that I am only about 15 minutes away from home. 

3. As I was on my way home tonight, I began thinking about how I am dreading work this weekend and how I won't get to take Connor to a birthday party he was invited to (thank goodness my mom is taking him). I thought about all of the things I need to do like clean the house, wrap some presents, and other "stuff." I thought about how I haven't heard my Dad preach in a while and that I wanted to go to his church this Sunday but can't because of work. I began feeling sorry for myself. Then, I got on facebook for a few minutes and saw where one friend posted a status about a condition she has been diagnosed with that would scare me to death, and I saw where another friend posted a status about how her baby boy would have been 6 if he was still here but that he was in heaven having the best birthday party, ever. My eyes filled with tears, and I began to feel so guilty! Working this weekend might not exactly be fun, but it is not even remotely an issue when compared to things that these ladies are dealing with. I said a prayer for them tonight, and I also asked for forgiveness for being so selfish.

4. I have one more exam this week, and then I can enjoy my Christmas break.

5. I am really thankful for being able to get off of work and attend Connor's PTA program tomorrow night, I am sure all of the kids will be too cute. Connor told me this afternoon that they practiced their songs today. He also asked me what a "dradle" (sp?) is -- so I am sure this is apart of the "poco" thing that school systems have to stick to. 

Connor has been asleep for about an hour, Drew is watching Dukes of Hazzard or as Connor says "Hukes in Hazzard" - and I'm about to head to bed myself. 


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  1. Thank you. We all have so much to be thankful for, so so much. Good luck with your job and school! Enjoy the break!!!