Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jill's Baby Shower for Bentley!

 This was the little mini candy bar we had at the shower, and it was a hit! It was so easy to do, and I will definitely be putting this idea to use for future showers or celebrations!
 The diaper bag above is the gift we gave to Jill, and I think she loved it as much as we all did. I've got to learn to sew!
 This cake is from our favorite local bakery, Jill's Cakes & Bakes! You can't go wrong when ordering cakes or cupcakes from that place. Our favorite flavor is "wedding white cake" with "vanilla cream cheese frosting." I am drooling just thinking about it!
 Jill looked great at the shower and has looked great throughout the pregnancy! Do you all see the picture of teeny tiny Bentley in the red picture frame? It's hard to believe he will be here before we know it!
 Tina and my Mom! My Mom is the best at coming up with ideas for entertaining, and Tina kept us all laughing and cracking up over and over while we were opening gifts. These two definitely know how to throw a shower! I thought I was going to die when she was talking about babies crying when they are little, Jill, don't be too scared! haha!
 Opening all of the great presents!
 I wrote "cute" on everything that Jill received, because it was all CUTE!
 I love this picture! It reminds me how lucky I am to call these girls "friends." We all talked about how it is so nice to pick up right where you leave off. With cheer competitions, baseball games, jobs, school, big families, and more, it is hard to always make time for our friends, but we all enjoyed hanging out Saturday night after the shower and it great! Love you both!
 Jill and Kim
 Jill and her Mom
 Jill and Andrea
 Two of my favorite brunettes...Ashley and Amanda
How long are Connor's legs???
We had such a good time throwing a baby shower for my best friend, Jill! In the South, baby showers are so much fun (maybe they are fun in the North as well) - but in the South, you fill a room with sassy women, gifts, and cake, and a good time is always guaranteed! Jill looked so cute and is going to be such a great Mommy to Bentley!

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