Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just a few things...

Connor is doing fantastic in school! He had his first sight word test on Tuesday, and he got them all right! We have already started practicing list #2 of his sight words. Everyday when I look into his folder, I am so eager to see what he accomplished and if he has any homework. Drew helped him with his homework the other night before I got home from work, and Mrs. A wrote "WOW!" on the worksheet they had worked on! =) He had to draw a pattern, and even with his left hand, he did an awesome job.

I think we all know how much of a summer-lover I am. I love pool days, beach time, and lots of sunshine! However, I am actually really looking forward to cooler weather and fall time in Georgia.

Work is going good. There is a lot to learn, but I take it as a good sign that I actually enjoy going to work and never get bored!

One more thing, I am taking Con to the doctor tomorrow for his arm. I am not really sure what to expect, but *hoping* that they might take his cast off. We shall see....

Have a great day and smile, because tomorrow is Friday ;)

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  1. Connor, I'm so proud of the fantastic job and how hard you are working in school. Lindsey, Congrats again on your job. Drew, Hope work is going well for you, too. Love all of yall! MOM & Gigi :)