Tuesday, July 20, 2010

stress and worries

I think we all know what it is like to feel stressed out and to worry about things (even if they're out of  our control). But really, why worry about things that we have no control over? What good will it do? Today was kind of a stressful day with a screaming child due to immunizations at the pediatrician, some car trouble, and being late for appointments. However, on the way home from the car trouble incident, I just started laughing. My car was making the annoying beeping sound all the way home that most vehicles make when a door is open at the gas station or something...you know the sound...it is VERY annoying. My sweet sissy was with me, and we were literally just laughing to keep from crying. Connor was in the back seat saying "Oh Dear Lord, please help us." haha!! I was glad he was praying, because part of me felt like cussing! Whenever I got back to Mom and Dad's house, I calmed down and kept thinking the rest of the night that a little car trouble is really not a huge problem in this world. It's easy to get all dramatic in the heat of things and think "I am so stressed...something else to pay for!" But, honestly, the Lord always provides and gives us what we need.

I went and filled out an application and had a very nice chat with a pharmacist at a local pharmacy that happens to need someone to fill a part-time position. Please say a little prayer that this will work out if it is supposed to. I could really use the experience and the money.

I hope you all have a good night and are enjoying the week, and remember, don't sweat the small stuff....

Love to you all!

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