Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back from the Big Apple

Hello, it has been awhile. For the few people that read this blog, you know where I've been, and you probably know by now that I had a blast and can't wait for a return trip to NYC! There is so much to do and see in the "big apple" that one would need to take several trips throughout their lifetime to see it all, and I am not even sure if that would be enough. I am working on a slideshow so that you all can see the full trip. I will let you know when it is ready. I missed Connor and Drew so much, and whenever I saw a hotdog stand or pizza place I immediately thought of Drew and how he would love it. Everything reminded me of Connor, the cranes, fire trucks, NYPD riding on horses, and all of the construction sites. It is definitely a site to behold for everyone. Thank you so much to everyone who took care of Connor while I was gone, a lot of people don't have the luxury that I do, and I am so thankful. Also, I am forever grateful to my mom and dad for making the trip possible. Daddy and Mom, you are truly the BEST. Honestly, I am so glad I experienced the big city, and I loved every second of it! HOWEVER, I am so glad the good Lord saw fit to allow me to be born into a tiny town in Georgia. Because, the South is "where it's at!" haha! I just don't know how you raise kids in the city. It is a different world, that's for sure. Like I said, I will post the slideshow after I've completed it, and I hope you all will look at the numerous pictures that I took (if you haven't seen them on facebook already).

Onto a completely different topic, please remember Papa "G" and our entire Garrison family in your prayers. His situation is completely unpredictable right now, but we do know that his time on Earth is coming to an end soon. Pray for Nanny and the rest of the family to have strength and peace as we all get through this rough time with him. It is so sad to see a loved one come to the end of their life on Earth. This is very different than what I experienced with my Mama Rich, her death was unexpected and sudden, and it was all such a blur of how fast it happened. But, it is not easy "waiting" on a loved one to pass on. Like I said, just please pray for comfort, peace, and strength during this difficult time for our entire family.

Thanks and Love to you all that read!

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