Thursday, May 6, 2010

What do we do after school?

When I pick Connor up from school in the afternoons, he always sounds disappointed if I tell him we are going home. I guess home is boring haha! There are some days that he is exhausted and is ready to lay down and chill out at our house until bedtime. But, most days, he is wanting to play outside at Nona & Papa's or go to Chick-Fil-A or McDonald's...just "loafer" around. Most of the time we do come home, and he plays until his little heart is content and is as happy as can be. But, this week we have ran errands and enjoyed being out and about in the beautiful weather. Yesterday, I went to get Mother's Day cards and other things and Connor talked me into going to Steak and Shake and getting a milk shake....I have to admit, it was the perfect treat in the hot weather we were having yesterday afternoon. 
After we got back home and I was using my new iron that I purchased and am obsessed with, Connor and I noticed that it was a little bit hot in the house. So, I figured out that the air conditioning wasn't working. Drew messed with it and tried to figure out the problem, but we ended up having someone come fix it this evening. Thank God! We are spoiled with a/c these days, and I don't know how people survived in the "old days!" 
This evening while Drew was at the house with Steven so he could fix the a/c, Connor and I went to eat mexican with Nona, Papa, and Ash (we were also fortunate enough to hear the miriachi band all during supper). After we got back to their house, Connor played and ran in the yard until he could have collapsed. Drew called me and said the a/c was fixed and working, woohoo! When we were heading home, Connor wanted all of the windows down and the music as loud as we could stand it, and the result is the lovely messy hairstyles we are sporting above. haha! The weather this evening was PERFECTION! I could sit and rock on the porch for hours and hours when it feels like that outside. 

Tomorrow is our favorite day of the week, AND we have a ball game! It is our night to provide snacks, y'all don't let me forget ;-)

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