Saturday, May 8, 2010

a little bit of bragging is in order...

Last night at Connor's ball game, Drew pitched to him all 3 times that he was up to bat {just an fyi: I've been begging Drew to do this for weeks} - anyway, Connor got a hit all 3 times! When Drew practices in the yard with Connor, he gets great hits every time, and I knew he would do great at the game with Drew pitching as well. We are proud of him for getting 3 hits, and I can't wait to see what he does at the rest of the games this season. Way to go, Connor!!! His improvements have been huge since the very first game, and we really are so proud of him.

After the game, we went to eat with a big crowd of our families, and it was a lot of fun! But, we were SO tired last night and happy to have a low-key Saturday morning!

Today, we begin Mother's Day celebrations (so, yes..expect lots of pics from me)! We are cooking out at my Aunt & Uncles with this sweet little doll baby for our Mamaw and the rest of our family, and I am so excited to be with them all for a few hours! After that, we will be eating again with Nana Doris for her birthday/Mother's Day! We are so thankful that the early Cracker Barrel tradition has been changed to a more convenient time for the kiddos!

Happy Early Mother's Day!


  1. Yay Connor!!! That's great!! Hope you a great mother's day!!

  2. Go Connor!!! You had a great game with BIG hits. Also, supper was fun, too. Hope your Mommie has a great mother's day. I'm proud to be your Gigi and Daddy's mom. <3 all of you!!!