Saturday, May 29, 2010


Last night was Pre K Graduation for Connor, and it was so cute. We are all so proud of him for getting his official "graduation diploma" as well as an award for being "quietest student and being able to create a sense of calmness in a sometimes crazy classroom!" Ms. Pat constantly told me that Connor was the most well-behaved and that she was so happy to have him in her classroom. Then, when we would get home, Connor would be a wild child until bedtime! Obviously he was just holding in all of that energy at school and releasing it for Mommy and Daddy at home! But, we wouldn't have it any other way, and once again, we are soooooooo proud of him for making it through Pre K! Time has flown by so fast that it seems like just a few weeks ago that I was bracing myself for his first day at school. Without a doubt, the biggest lesson I've learned since having Connor is to cherish every second with your babies that you can. Before you know it, they will be grown. Okay, okay, I will try not to cry every second that I am with him this Summer and dreading the first day of Kindergarten!! For now, we are going to have lots and lots of fun!! We were happy to have the family at graduation last night to see Connor, but we missed Pa! I took lots of pictures, and we have it all on video. Here are a few pics from last night...

It was chaotic in the church, and Connor did not like wearing his cap for the pictures, but we managed to get a few! Connor LOVES all of his graduation gifts (that wasn't necessary and you all spoil him so much) -- thanks to you all, we are so thankful for all of you and how much you love our child!


Love to you all,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random thoughts....

I am attending boot camp in the morning after months and months of Jackie and Kelly begging me to go, I've finally given in. I may or may not be scared to death. Please say a teeny tiny prayer that I don't pass out from being out of breath and out of shape.

Tomorrow is Connor's last day of school, and he is only going to be there for a little while in the morning while I am at boot camp. I will probably cry at some point during the day since my sweet little baby boy is crossing yet another milestone.

Mom won "classified employee of the year" today at school, so proud of her. She totally deserves it. However, she kept making my sister scratch her back today and saying "Ashley, I am employee of the year...." -- Lord help us!

I think this all of the time, but I've really thought it in the last few days, Drew is "the man!" Seriously, so lucky to be married to such a great guy. Last night, Connor and I were discussing what to get him for Fathers Day. We came up with a few ideas, but seeing as he reads this blog, I will not put those on here.

And finally, sun shiny summer time = lots of happy times and fun memory making for this little family of three. YAY!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ending and Beginning

As we come to the end of another baseball season and school year, we are very enthusiastic about beginning Summer!!! My apologies for not posting in a few days! I worked Monday, Tuesday, and today. Between work, school, baseball games, and everything else, we have had a busy week. I think anyone who teaches, goes to school, or works in a school can agree that we are all extremely ready for Summer break (more so than ever before). This week, Connor has obsessively reminded me every single morning, afternoon, and night that he only has "x" amount of school days left. Poor little guy, he is so ready for a break. And, we plan to soak up every second of this Summer since he is heading off to Kindergarten in August. This truly doesn't seem like it should be happening already, but that will be another blog post for another day. The regular baseball season is over, but we have a tournament game coming up. I am so proud of the improvements Connor has made this season, and he has had fun. But, we have learned a valuable lesson about where and where not to sign up for baseball. Drew has done a great job practicing with Connor, and he is lucky to have such a great Dad!  :) That's all I will say about that! Today when I picked Connor up from school, we headed to the church where his graduation is being held and watched as he practiced with his class for their graduation ceremony. All of the kids did a great job, and I can't wait for you all to see the little ceremony on Friday night. I do have a few pictures to post, but both of my cameras are out in my car right now. 
I forgot to post some of the pictures from the Mothers Day cookout we had at Tina & Brian's house. But, I loved this one of Andrew and Connor. They had fun playing together that day!

Even though I am off of work, tomorrow is a busy day for me! Someone remind me...Connor and Drew need haircuts before Friday night!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just a few things...

This past week has been anything but boring! Connor swam for the first time this year on Wednesday afternoon. And, yesterday morning at his baseball game, he got the "game ball" !!! We were so excited. He acted modest and shy when he received the ball in front of his teammates, but when we were walking away he was doing a little dance saying "oh yeaaah, I got the game ball" over and over. Haha!! Love it!

Pictures to follow....

Have a great Sunday, we certainly plan to!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Are you ready for some baseball?

We are excited for the baseball game tonight!
Because of the nasty virus, Connor missed out on some baseball fun, but we are ready to get back in the game! Hope to see you there :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The stomach bug strikes again...

As I've said a million times before, we are so very fortunate and blessed to have a healthy little boy. Even weighing in at a tiny 4 pounds and 7 ounces at birth, he was a fighter and "healthy as a horse" -- we kept him in our home for a little over a month and slowly started getting him out at friends and families homes, church, etc. Obviously, we made the right move, because his immune system is strong! I can count on one hand the times in 5 years that we have been to the doctor for sick visits. Yes, we are blessed and thank the good Lord daily for this. However, he has been through a stomach bug or two in his life! It seems if a stomach virus is going around, Connor will catch it. He dodges strep throat, the flu, even common colds, and other things. But, the stomach bugs get him every time. This is no fun at our house, because it completely zaps his energy, and we all know what kind of energy he has (haha)! He has had this stomach virus since Thursday around lunchtime (he informed me a little boy threw up in his class on Thursday) -- and at 8 a.m. today (Saturday), he just threw up again. He is steadily drinking and even ate a few bites of vanilla wafers last night, but he is just laying around and sleeping a lot. It's so sad to see him like this, but as I've also said before, with all of the horrible sicknesses and diseases that can happen to our kiddos these days, we will take a little 48 hour stomach bug over that any day. So far, Drew and I haven't caught the bug. I, however, have washed 50 loads of laundry and sanitized everything at least twice!

Because Connor got sick on Thursday, he had to miss his Field Day at school on Friday. This was such a disappointment, because I had helped organize it and was so excited. Drew, my Mom, and Connie had all arranged to get away from work and be there, and then this happened. We were so sad about it all!!!! But, there is always next year. And, the bright side to all of this is that we are one more week down and closer to Summer break! Yay!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eat Mor Chikin

I snapped this pic with my iPhone last week when Connor, Nona, and I went to Chick Fil A for dessert after eating at Dos Margaritas. Connor was having lots of fun torturing visiting the cow! 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

Mothers Day 2010

I hope every Mom reading this has enjoyed a wonderful Mothers Day. I sure did! The Mothers Days that I've experienced get better and better as each year passes. I am so lucky to be Connor's Mommy. Every single day, Connor makes me smile, laugh, and LOVE more than I ever thought possible. There are truly no words to describe how I love my child. I am so thankful that God blessed me with such a great Mom. She has taught me everything I know about being a Mom. This Mothers Day and Mothers Day "weekend" - we spent time with Nana Doris, Drew's Aunts on the England side, my Mamaw, my Aunts on the Caylor side and fellow mommy cousins, my Mom, Connie, my Nanny, my Aunts on the Presley side, my Nanny, and the rest of our families. It was a wonderful weekend celebrating all of the special Moms in our lives. We love you all very much!  I am blessed with beautiful and precious women in my life that have taught me many lessons about what being a Mom is.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

a little bit of bragging is in order...

Last night at Connor's ball game, Drew pitched to him all 3 times that he was up to bat {just an fyi: I've been begging Drew to do this for weeks} - anyway, Connor got a hit all 3 times! When Drew practices in the yard with Connor, he gets great hits every time, and I knew he would do great at the game with Drew pitching as well. We are proud of him for getting 3 hits, and I can't wait to see what he does at the rest of the games this season. Way to go, Connor!!! His improvements have been huge since the very first game, and we really are so proud of him.

After the game, we went to eat with a big crowd of our families, and it was a lot of fun! But, we were SO tired last night and happy to have a low-key Saturday morning!

Today, we begin Mother's Day celebrations (so, yes..expect lots of pics from me)! We are cooking out at my Aunt & Uncles with this sweet little doll baby for our Mamaw and the rest of our family, and I am so excited to be with them all for a few hours! After that, we will be eating again with Nana Doris for her birthday/Mother's Day! We are so thankful that the early Cracker Barrel tradition has been changed to a more convenient time for the kiddos!

Happy Early Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What do we do after school?

When I pick Connor up from school in the afternoons, he always sounds disappointed if I tell him we are going home. I guess home is boring haha! There are some days that he is exhausted and is ready to lay down and chill out at our house until bedtime. But, most days, he is wanting to play outside at Nona & Papa's or go to Chick-Fil-A or McDonald's...just "loafer" around. Most of the time we do come home, and he plays until his little heart is content and is as happy as can be. But, this week we have ran errands and enjoyed being out and about in the beautiful weather. Yesterday, I went to get Mother's Day cards and other things and Connor talked me into going to Steak and Shake and getting a milk shake....I have to admit, it was the perfect treat in the hot weather we were having yesterday afternoon. 
After we got back home and I was using my new iron that I purchased and am obsessed with, Connor and I noticed that it was a little bit hot in the house. So, I figured out that the air conditioning wasn't working. Drew messed with it and tried to figure out the problem, but we ended up having someone come fix it this evening. Thank God! We are spoiled with a/c these days, and I don't know how people survived in the "old days!" 
This evening while Drew was at the house with Steven so he could fix the a/c, Connor and I went to eat mexican with Nona, Papa, and Ash (we were also fortunate enough to hear the miriachi band all during supper). After we got back to their house, Connor played and ran in the yard until he could have collapsed. Drew called me and said the a/c was fixed and working, woohoo! When we were heading home, Connor wanted all of the windows down and the music as loud as we could stand it, and the result is the lovely messy hairstyles we are sporting above. haha! The weather this evening was PERFECTION! I could sit and rock on the porch for hours and hours when it feels like that outside. 

Tomorrow is our favorite day of the week, AND we have a ball game! It is our night to provide snacks, y'all don't let me forget ;-)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beach thoughts...

While studying for exams and going through the motions of this busy time of the year, I think about being here... least once a day. But, with all of the oil spill craziness, we are wondering what to do about vacation. I am praying for a miracle!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

playing catch up...

Oops, I have not blogged since April 21st. I skipped right over blogging about baseball games, my birthday, new truck was purchased, and other funny stories that have happened. I've got to get better about keeping up!

 Baseball season has been exciting this year. The fans for our team are anything but calm and quiet, but it is kind of funny to sit back and watch it all. Connor does better and better each game with his hitting, and we are all so proud of him! He and Drew practiced hitting again last night, and he did awesome! We have a game tonight, Good Luck Indians!!!
I had a great birthday this year. The picture above is from my "friend" birthday dinner! Everyone was busy this year, but I did get to hang out with some of my favorites, and I enjoyed every second of it!

Jill ordered these cupcakes for me from Jill's Cakes & Bakes, and they were amazing! She had asked me a couple of nights before where I wanted cake or cupcakes from, and I told her to please not worry with doing any of that. Secretly, I've been craving a cupcake from Jill's for a long time, but I didn't tell my Jill that, she just got it right! That's what best friends are for! 

I got some great gifts, thank you all again for making my birthday special!

Oh yeah, Drew bought a truck, and we are so happy that he found something. Connor loves to say "check out my Daddy's sweet ride" -- too funny! 

I hope you're all having a great week!