Monday, April 12, 2010

My Mom

These are all pictures of my beautiful Mommy. She is the sweetest most precious lady in the world. She is the best Mom, Wife, and Nona that anyone could ask for. However, she hasn't felt right in the past 5 years...and her health doesn't really get better but slowly seems to get worse. She has heart problems and now BP problems. Everyone in her life wants her to feel better! (Except for Connor, who doesn't even know anything is wrong, because she spends every second making him happy and spoiling him rotten).

Please keep my Mom in your prayers, and I know this is a selfish request, but I just want her to feel better and be healthy again. She down plays just how yucky she does feel, but it is time for something to change. I just pray that the doctor's figure out what all is going on.

Mommy, I love you so much!

P.S. This song always makes me think of you!


  1. Praying for answers. I didn't know anything was going on, so thank you for posting this. It is not a selfish request Lindsey, she's your mom. Please keep us updated. Praying for you guys.

  2. Vic, thanks you're so sweet. Her heart issues have just never fully been resolved, and they seem to get worse. The meds work for a while, but then it starts all over again. And, recently her BP has gone up and won't come down even with different doses/kinds of medicine. So, we are hoping they can figure out what is causing it to go up. We appreciate your prayers.

  3. I am happy you posted this also. You most definately have a beautiful sweet Mom and I will certainly remember her (your family) in my prayers. I will pray for just the right Doctor to know exactly what the problem is and fix it.

  4. I will pray for your sweet beautiful Mom and hope the Doctors find the problem and make her feel better real soon.

  5. Thank you Marilyn, we appreciate your prayers so much. You're precious.