Sunday, April 11, 2010

Love Sundays & Heading back to school...

Church, seeing friends & family after church was over, holding beautiful Logan, going to eat at Olive Garden with GiGi, Pa, and Marci, a big birthday party consisting of bounce house and laser tag, hanging out at Nona & Papa's while watching the Masters, playing outside at their house and getting a little batting practice in, and finally heading to Dairy Queen for some hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream to end the week of Spring Break.....That's what our Sunday was made of!

It's back to school for everyone tomorrow, but I told Connor that he and I need to make a countdown for Summer Break. School is great, and we are thankful that Connor learns so much while being there. But, days filled with playing outside in the beautiful weather, digging in the dirt, eating ice cream, and laying around watching cartoons is certainly more fun, there is no denying that!

Enjoy your week getting back to reality, and we will try to do the same.


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  1. Get the countdown started for me,too. I will need it after testing week. Connor, you will have to keep me informed of the days left! Love, C-Mom-Gigi <3