Sunday, April 18, 2010

Extension on the weekend, please?

Why aren't weekends 3 days long? Drew, Connor, and myself all live for the weekends! Friday night, Drew and I ate at Fabiano's for Erick's birthday. After dinner, we went to Downtown Kitchen  for a little while. I've decide that Drew and I are old people trapped inside of our young bodies! We were both so sleepy and couldn't wait to get home and into our pajamas! We did have a good time with our friends, and we hope E had a great birthday dinner. Of course, he entertained us all with some out Jason Aldean! haha! We slept in late-ish on Saturday morning and cleaned up a little around the house. Then, I did a really bad thing --- I went to the tanning bed. Not only did I go, but I REALLY enjoyed it! I know it is so bad for me, but I just love it. I will not slip back into my old tanning ways, but I do need to go a few times to get a base tan. However, as I am sitting here typing this, I am FRIED. I was pink-ish after the tanning bed on Saturday...but today we were at the ball field watching Dalton play ball from 1 to 6. And, my face is absolutely fried! Connor & Drew also cooked in the sun all day. Connor took a shower tonight, and he didn't complain with the water stinging him, so hopefully he's good to go. Here is a funny pic from this weekend.... 
After Connor's game on Saturday, Drew went with Andy to look at a truck (long story, but he didn't get to look at it) - anyway, Connor and I had nothing to do, so Erick and Katie asked us to tag along with them while they did some running around. We ended up at Wal Mart, and you can see the result of that above. Erick and Connor were greeting people as they left. This picture just cracks me up, because these two were in "rare form" the entire day. 

Connor has his screening for Kindergarten tomorrow, and on Tuesday, his pre-k class is visiting BG Elementary to tour and eat lunch at the "big school." He is really excited! During Con's bedtime prayer tonight, he said "Lord, please let it snow and never rain again." Ha! Good thing that he isn't in charge of the weather or we would be in big trouble with this pollen!

Have a great week, and thanks to everyone that came to Connor's baseball game this weekend. He is very lucky to have so many fans ;)



  1. O my, that picture cracks me up!! I cannot believe he will be starting K - it seems like yesterday he was Logan's age. Dang - we do sound old!

  2. Good luck with the screening. I know you will do well! Have a great time at the BIG school. Love Gigi