Saturday, April 3, 2010


It looks like the Easter bunny has already stopped by our house, and I can't wait for Connor to wake up in the morning to see his little treats. Anyone that knows Connor can probably agree that he is a little spoiled, and we do go overboard with Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, and sometimes "just because" - but it makes me so happy to give gifts. I get it from my Mom. It really isn't about the things that I give, it is about picking out the perfect little goodie or goodies for a loved one. And, I have to admit, there is nothing like the smile on Con's face when he is treated with something even as small as a "kit kat" or as he would say, "tic tac." I love Easter, it has always been the sweetest celebration. Everyone always wears their very best outfits, and most of us buy new ones to wear to church to celebrate the fact that Christ arose and is alive and will be back one day. I love all of the bright Easter colors. Easter is during the beginning of Spring when all of the flowers, trees, and beautiful things on this Earth are blooming and becoming full of life. After the Christmas season is over, and the long months of January, February, and March occur with freezing cold weather and grey/rainy days, it is so easy to get down and out sometimes. We let the stresses of this world pile up, but when Spring time rolls around, everyone experiences a fresh breath of air. The warm sun shining and fresh flowers and grass can make anyone smile and realize that life isn't so bad after all. Easter also plays the biggest part in the renewal of good spirits for me. I realize that no matter how hard life can seem on this Earth, it really won't matter in the end. Because, He is coming back for us one day, and there will be no sorrow or sadness in heaven. I hope I get to see all of my family tomorrow and enjoy a beautiful Easter Sunday. You know I will have my camera out taking lots of pictures.

Love ya'll & Happy Easter,


  1. Great Post Lindsey! Easter is a great day, not because of the gifts, or beautiful dresses, but because HE did arise, and He will be back again! Hope ya'll have a great day!

  2. Well said, girlie! It is about Christ and being with family. We had a wonderful day. Yes, we are very blessed.I have to admit too, a cute spring dress and sandals always helps us feel good! LOL :)