Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter ReCap (long)

We kicked off the Egg Hunting events at Connor's pre-k Egg Hunt. He was so excited to find a kit kat in one of his eggs! 

Mr. Peter Cottontail left some treats at our house for Connor (and at Nona's, GiGi's, & Katie's house, too)! Connor loved everything in the basket, and he played with everything until time to get ready for church.

Before taking a shower on Easter morning, Con snuck a bite of his chocolate Easter bunny. (What a healthy breakfast, haha!)

We went to church with Mom, Dad, and Ashley on Sunday morning, and Dad preached a great message about main highlights of Easter. It was really good, and we even managed to snap this pic after the service.

Next up, we went to GiGi & Pa's house to eat lunch with and hunt some more eggs. We also watched some old videos there, and let's just say "things never really change, they remain the same!" Erick and Drew may look different now, but their actions are still quite similar to when they were teeny tiny little boys! 

2010 Easter Pic 

All of us standing in front of Andy & Connie's House...I just couldn't wear the cardigan after church was over, it was so warm outside.

I thought this pic turned out really great! 

Erick, Connor, & Katie

Since it was hot outside, we had a little wardrobe change during the middle of the day. However, it still matched!

Love those sweet cheeks ;-)

Connor and Daddy...Drew hates taking pictures...but the result is oh so cute!

Connor and I :-)

We were taking these pictures before we went over to my Nanny & Papa's house. The sun wasn't as bright as earlier during the day. I wanted to get some pics with Ash, but she had already taken her Easter outfit off. 

After eating again, Dalton, Allie Grayce, and Connor hunted eggs. Connor was working hard to find the prize egg$!

After running around and sweating, Connor was successful in finding lots of good egg$! 

After hanging out for awhile, we went back to Macedonia to be with Nanny & Papa G. Connor hunted eggs with Braden and Katelyn. I didn't get the camera out, because he probably would have freaked out if he heard the flash go off one more time. I took a lot of pics yesterday! But, isn't that what you're supposed to do?! 

This blog post is kind of like our day, long with lots of memories and all over the place! But, we loved every second of it. 

Not sure what we've got going on today, but it looks like another sunny one outside, so we will try to soak in as much of that as we can. 


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  1. Whew, I felt tired just reading! LOL, but it was a great Easter time and celebrating with family. Y'all looked great, as usual. Have fun enjoying more sunshine! Love, C (Gigi & Mom) <3