Thursday, April 1, 2010

At the game on Wednesday night, Connor got his first hit of the season! We were so excited for him, and the look on his face was hilarious. He is so funny! After his game, we made a mad dash to the mall to get an outfit for his Spring pictures that were this morning. He looked SO handsome!!! I was so proud of him, because he didn't argue one time this morning about what he was wearing.

Drew has gone to the funeral home tonight, and we are just waiting on him to get back. I am dealing with blinding neck pain right now, I don't know what has caused it, but I am ready for it to be gone! Connor has an Easter Egg Hunt at school tomorrow along with is Spring Party, and he is all excited about that. Of course, we had to buy a new bright-colored polo shirt to wear for the occasion. Hey, it was on sale! I can't wait to take pics of him tomorrow and post them.

We also got Drew's Easter shirt at the mall last night, and it looks great on him!

Have a great night,

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  1. Your BIG hit was awesome at the game Wednesday. Have a great time at your spring party on Friday. I can't wait until Mom posts your pictures. I will be looking forward to seeing your "cuteness" on Easter Sunday. And mom and dad, too! Bunches of love!!! Gigi