Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Erick!

Today is Erick's birthday, and we just got back a little while ago from eating with him at Marietta Fish Market, and it was really good! Drew and I split some big platter with lots of fried fish, oysters, scallops, clams, and more! If you've never been there before, it is a definitely a good idea to share a meal with your spouse! We had tons and tons of food left over.

Since I have a lab final exam tomorrow for Biology, I had asked Mom to pick Connor up for me so that I could finish studying until it was time to get ready to go eat. Of course, she picked Connor up and bathed him for me so that I just had to bring his clothes to change into (thanks, Mommy)! Anyway, because I studied up until the last second that I had to take a shower and get ready, I found myself in a tizzy due to the fact that I had "nothing to wear." So, I took some "skinny jeans" from the winter time and made them into "capris" haha! I felt like it wasn't a very cute outfit, but two people told me tonight that I looked cute. So, that made me feel better! Here are my homemade capris, lol!

Even after laying in the tanning bed last Saturday, I am still so pale! I need to get back in (just a few more times). I love these flats, I got them 2 years ago, and I don't wear them a ton, because they are coral and cream. But, I do love them and enjoy wearing them every now and again.

Con is in bed and asleep already, so I am going to study some more for my final exam. Drew is working hard this week, as usual!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to the most fun brother, brother-in-law, and uncle around!!! Hope your day was fantastic!!! We love you lots!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Extension on the weekend, please?

Why aren't weekends 3 days long? Drew, Connor, and myself all live for the weekends! Friday night, Drew and I ate at Fabiano's for Erick's birthday. After dinner, we went to Downtown Kitchen  for a little while. I've decide that Drew and I are old people trapped inside of our young bodies! We were both so sleepy and couldn't wait to get home and into our pajamas! We did have a good time with our friends, and we hope E had a great birthday dinner. Of course, he entertained us all with some out Jason Aldean! haha! We slept in late-ish on Saturday morning and cleaned up a little around the house. Then, I did a really bad thing --- I went to the tanning bed. Not only did I go, but I REALLY enjoyed it! I know it is so bad for me, but I just love it. I will not slip back into my old tanning ways, but I do need to go a few times to get a base tan. However, as I am sitting here typing this, I am FRIED. I was pink-ish after the tanning bed on Saturday...but today we were at the ball field watching Dalton play ball from 1 to 6. And, my face is absolutely fried! Connor & Drew also cooked in the sun all day. Connor took a shower tonight, and he didn't complain with the water stinging him, so hopefully he's good to go. Here is a funny pic from this weekend.... 
After Connor's game on Saturday, Drew went with Andy to look at a truck (long story, but he didn't get to look at it) - anyway, Connor and I had nothing to do, so Erick and Katie asked us to tag along with them while they did some running around. We ended up at Wal Mart, and you can see the result of that above. Erick and Connor were greeting people as they left. This picture just cracks me up, because these two were in "rare form" the entire day. 

Connor has his screening for Kindergarten tomorrow, and on Tuesday, his pre-k class is visiting BG Elementary to tour and eat lunch at the "big school." He is really excited! During Con's bedtime prayer tonight, he said "Lord, please let it snow and never rain again." Ha! Good thing that he isn't in charge of the weather or we would be in big trouble with this pollen!

Have a great week, and thanks to everyone that came to Connor's baseball game this weekend. He is very lucky to have so many fans ;)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Petting Zoo Fun with Pa & GiGi

Last Saturday, after we all (minus drew) ate lunch at La Parilla, Connor went with GiGi and Pa while I used a gift certificate to get a long overdue pedicure. They ended up going to a petting zoo, and it looks like Connor enjoyed it. Obviously, he and Pa had both gotten into some trouble since they were both seen behind bars (haha)! The weather was beautiful, and I am sure you all had a great time! ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I know He will not leave us comfortless. But, I am so sad, worried, and confused about why my Mom is not well. Without my Mom, I wouldn't know how to be a Mom. Without her, I would be so lost. She is my best friend, and I love her beyond words. My heart is heavy tonight, and I have cried and cried. I just want her to be better and live life to the fullest again. She hasn't been well in quite some time, and we all just want her to feel better. I've prayed and prayed for her, but I will continue to do so. Because, I know He answers prayers in His time. Please continue to pray for my Mom and all of the doctor's that she sees. It might be something very simple that just hasn't been fixed yet.

Thank you for your prayers, thoughts, and visits,

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Mom

These are all pictures of my beautiful Mommy. She is the sweetest most precious lady in the world. She is the best Mom, Wife, and Nona that anyone could ask for. However, she hasn't felt right in the past 5 years...and her health doesn't really get better but slowly seems to get worse. She has heart problems and now BP problems. Everyone in her life wants her to feel better! (Except for Connor, who doesn't even know anything is wrong, because she spends every second making him happy and spoiling him rotten).

Please keep my Mom in your prayers, and I know this is a selfish request, but I just want her to feel better and be healthy again. She down plays just how yucky she does feel, but it is time for something to change. I just pray that the doctor's figure out what all is going on.

Mommy, I love you so much!

P.S. This song always makes me think of you!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Love Sundays & Heading back to school...

Church, seeing friends & family after church was over, holding beautiful Logan, going to eat at Olive Garden with GiGi, Pa, and Marci, a big birthday party consisting of bounce house and laser tag, hanging out at Nona & Papa's while watching the Masters, playing outside at their house and getting a little batting practice in, and finally heading to Dairy Queen for some hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream to end the week of Spring Break.....That's what our Sunday was made of!

It's back to school for everyone tomorrow, but I told Connor that he and I need to make a countdown for Summer Break. School is great, and we are thankful that Connor learns so much while being there. But, days filled with playing outside in the beautiful weather, digging in the dirt, eating ice cream, and laying around watching cartoons is certainly more fun, there is no denying that!

Enjoy your week getting back to reality, and we will try to do the same.


Friday, April 9, 2010


The candies shown above need to be GONE from my house as soon as possible!!! They are not a good thing for myself or my choc-a-holic son! Bathing suit time is just around the corner, and these have got to go! If you are in need of some chocolate, let me know!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning

It is time to finish up my Spring cleaning! I think we all get this way, but it is time to de-clutter at our house!

Connor asks every morning when he has to go back to school, I think this break is going by way too quickly for him. I promised him that Summer break will be here before he knows it.

I've loved all the sunshine, but the pollen count has obviously been high! Yesterday, after being outside just  for just a little bit, my eyes started watering/itching/swelling. Not fun! We didn't get tons of rain last night, but maybe the little that we got washed some of the pollen away.

Ok, I am off to clean....

Have a great day,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter ReCap (long)

We kicked off the Egg Hunting events at Connor's pre-k Egg Hunt. He was so excited to find a kit kat in one of his eggs! 

Mr. Peter Cottontail left some treats at our house for Connor (and at Nona's, GiGi's, & Katie's house, too)! Connor loved everything in the basket, and he played with everything until time to get ready for church.

Before taking a shower on Easter morning, Con snuck a bite of his chocolate Easter bunny. (What a healthy breakfast, haha!)

We went to church with Mom, Dad, and Ashley on Sunday morning, and Dad preached a great message about main highlights of Easter. It was really good, and we even managed to snap this pic after the service.

Next up, we went to GiGi & Pa's house to eat lunch with and hunt some more eggs. We also watched some old videos there, and let's just say "things never really change, they remain the same!" Erick and Drew may look different now, but their actions are still quite similar to when they were teeny tiny little boys! 

2010 Easter Pic 

All of us standing in front of Andy & Connie's House...I just couldn't wear the cardigan after church was over, it was so warm outside.

I thought this pic turned out really great! 

Erick, Connor, & Katie

Since it was hot outside, we had a little wardrobe change during the middle of the day. However, it still matched!

Love those sweet cheeks ;-)

Connor and Daddy...Drew hates taking pictures...but the result is oh so cute!

Connor and I :-)

We were taking these pictures before we went over to my Nanny & Papa's house. The sun wasn't as bright as earlier during the day. I wanted to get some pics with Ash, but she had already taken her Easter outfit off. 

After eating again, Dalton, Allie Grayce, and Connor hunted eggs. Connor was working hard to find the prize egg$!

After running around and sweating, Connor was successful in finding lots of good egg$! 

After hanging out for awhile, we went back to Macedonia to be with Nanny & Papa G. Connor hunted eggs with Braden and Katelyn. I didn't get the camera out, because he probably would have freaked out if he heard the flash go off one more time. I took a lot of pics yesterday! But, isn't that what you're supposed to do?! 

This blog post is kind of like our day, long with lots of memories and all over the place! But, we loved every second of it. 

Not sure what we've got going on today, but it looks like another sunny one outside, so we will try to soak in as much of that as we can. 


Monday, April 5, 2010

Mom & Me - Monday

So, I am copying Victoria today and showing a picture of Connor and I for the "Mom and Me Monday" concept. Although I am always the one taking pictures, I can usually find a way to have someone snap a few pics of Connor and I. I love taking pictures with the most handsome little guy in the world!
Love, love, love this little man!!! I wish I was at home with him right now playing outside in the beautiful sunshine. Connor is on Spring Break this week and will enjoy every second of it, I am sure.

I will do an Easter recap tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Monday, 

Saturday, April 3, 2010


It looks like the Easter bunny has already stopped by our house, and I can't wait for Connor to wake up in the morning to see his little treats. Anyone that knows Connor can probably agree that he is a little spoiled, and we do go overboard with Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, and sometimes "just because" - but it makes me so happy to give gifts. I get it from my Mom. It really isn't about the things that I give, it is about picking out the perfect little goodie or goodies for a loved one. And, I have to admit, there is nothing like the smile on Con's face when he is treated with something even as small as a "kit kat" or as he would say, "tic tac." I love Easter, it has always been the sweetest celebration. Everyone always wears their very best outfits, and most of us buy new ones to wear to church to celebrate the fact that Christ arose and is alive and will be back one day. I love all of the bright Easter colors. Easter is during the beginning of Spring when all of the flowers, trees, and beautiful things on this Earth are blooming and becoming full of life. After the Christmas season is over, and the long months of January, February, and March occur with freezing cold weather and grey/rainy days, it is so easy to get down and out sometimes. We let the stresses of this world pile up, but when Spring time rolls around, everyone experiences a fresh breath of air. The warm sun shining and fresh flowers and grass can make anyone smile and realize that life isn't so bad after all. Easter also plays the biggest part in the renewal of good spirits for me. I realize that no matter how hard life can seem on this Earth, it really won't matter in the end. Because, He is coming back for us one day, and there will be no sorrow or sadness in heaven. I hope I get to see all of my family tomorrow and enjoy a beautiful Easter Sunday. You know I will have my camera out taking lots of pictures.

Love ya'll & Happy Easter,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

At the game on Wednesday night, Connor got his first hit of the season! We were so excited for him, and the look on his face was hilarious. He is so funny! After his game, we made a mad dash to the mall to get an outfit for his Spring pictures that were this morning. He looked SO handsome!!! I was so proud of him, because he didn't argue one time this morning about what he was wearing.

Drew has gone to the funeral home tonight, and we are just waiting on him to get back. I am dealing with blinding neck pain right now, I don't know what has caused it, but I am ready for it to be gone! Connor has an Easter Egg Hunt at school tomorrow along with is Spring Party, and he is all excited about that. Of course, we had to buy a new bright-colored polo shirt to wear for the occasion. Hey, it was on sale! I can't wait to take pics of him tomorrow and post them.

We also got Drew's Easter shirt at the mall last night, and it looks great on him!

Have a great night,