Monday, March 29, 2010

Taking the blog in a new direction...

I have been thinking about doing this for a few weeks now, but I have finally decided to change the blog a little. As you all know, I love pictures! I love talking about fun times from the past and thinking about precious memories! Since I don't have time to write in a journal or diary every single night or get pictures printed daily and put them in an album, I am going to turn this blog into our family scrapbook. Don't worry, Connor will still be the subject of the posts. But, I think it will be neat to blog about our life as a family.

Speaking of family members, our little cousin Garrett was saved tonight at Macedonia's revival. I am so sad that we weren't there to see it, but the important part is that it happened. We are Thanking and Praising God tonight for that answered prayer.

Papa Bud is back in the hospital and being treated for Pneumonia. I pray that the 3 different kinds of antibiotics that the doctor's are giving him will get the job done. I hope he's resting peacefully tonight at the hospital and not giving the docs any trouble about wanting to go home. He needs to stay there and get better! Please keep him and Nanny in your prayers.

Also, I am meeting with a Pharmacist tomorrow about a prospective part-time position. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Sweet Dreams,

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