Monday, March 15, 2010

Once again, playing catch up!

Happy Monday! We are so thankful this morning that everyone is healthy and back on track in our house. We are so so so blessed to have a healthy little boy, and he is rarely sick. However, at the end of last week, he had a nasty virus that zapped all of his energy completely. He went back to school today, and he was a little confused about why I am on Spring Break and he isn't. But, he was fine with it when I told him he has an exciting week ahead. Tomorrow, Connor gets to take his favorite book to class for Ms. Pat to read and baseball practice tomorrow night. On Thursday, we have a field trip to the Tellus Museum. And, then on Friday, he has a day off from school! I wanted to post a couple of pictures from the past couple of weeks that I thought were cute! 

I made this little bucket to take Connor's Valentine's to his class (They were scooby doo and really cute!)

The other box was Connor's home-made box that I made for his classmates to put the Valentine's in that they wanted to give him. It is hard to make hearts look "boy-ish" - but, we tried! And, he had a pretty cute box if I say so myself :)

The parents were told that the Valentine's party would start at 1:30. So, when we all got there, all of the kids were waking up from their nap. Connor was still sleepy and not ready to start the partying yet! 

See, I am telling ya...he did not want to wake up!

Waiting patiently for the goodies from Ms. Pat & Ms. Nicole....

Dylan and Connor

Can't forget "Seth Dunn" - Connor loves him to death, and he is the sweetest little guy!

He is thinking, "Mom, I am tired of smiling...just let me hang out with my friends!"

Let's check it out....

After leaving the party, Connor couldn't wait to tear into the box and see what kind of candy accompanied the Valentine's cards. I may or may not have had a few pieces of candy with him! Hey, he was willing to share! haha!

Thought this was the cutest part of the box...

This is a picture of one of the "big" snows we have been able to enjoy this year in Georgia...

Gotta have the big wheels to play in the snow with!

I know there were quite a few pics in this post, but I hope you enjoyed them!

Have a great week, and I will post tomorrow about what book Connor chooses to take to his class. If I forget, someone remind me! :)

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  1. I love the new pictures! Your Valentine's Day party looked like tons of fun. I bet you got ALOT of Valentines from your friends at school. Have fun picking out your book for your teacher. I know she will LOVE it! Have a great week at school. Love you, GiGi :)